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  • The Case Of Crazy Eddie, Eddie And Sam Antar

    Eddie and Sam Antar will be names that no one will ever forget along with their electronic store, Crazy Eddie. Crazy Eddie first started out as Sights and Sounds but thanks to Eddie Antar’s strong and aggressive sale tactics, the name was changed. The name came from a nickname customers called Eddie for all his crazy low prices and tactics (S. Antar, “Crazy Eddie Early”). Thus Crazy Eddie was created. At the time Crazy Eddie’s was known for their crazy low prices and in your face advertising. But what Crazy Eddie is really known for now is pulling off a huge scam as well as fraud. Before I start to talk about the scams and fraud throughout the company I think it’s important to talk about the culture. A company’s culture will really give you…

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  • Company Fraud Case: Crazy Eddie Antar

    merchandise at the same price to avoid price competition for their products (Antar, 2011). This type of regulations force Eddie Antar to look for a different alternative in order to remain in business. It appears as if his only options were to purchase overseas and overstock from other retailers. Crazy Eddie stores had one goal in mind; sell a product to every customer that walked into their stores. Greed and personal gain was the main reason why the Antar family was able to commit fraud for 17…

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  • Crazy Eddie Research Paper

    Crazy Eddie Eddie Antar, better known as “Crazy Eddie,” is a very prevalent fraudster in the world of accounting. Antar is well known for his schemes regarding Crazy Eddie Electronics, the company he cofounded with his father. Eddie was a family man, a ladies man, and a rich man. Eddie was a millionaire, with roughly 53 million dollars in swiss bank accounts until he was caught by the downfall of his family Antar was born in Brooklyn, NY on December 18, 1947. He grew up in Brooklyn, with his…

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  • Crazy Eddie Case Analysis

    Inventory turnover has steadily decreased over the reported four years. The inventory turnover ratio explains how many times a company’s inventory is sold and replaced over a period of time. A lower inventory turnover ratio indicates that Crazy Eddie is selling fewer inventories. Asset turnover also took a pretty big plunge. The asset turnover ratio is the amount of sales generated for every dollar in assets. A low asset turnover ratio indicates that the firm is struggling to use its assets to…

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  • Case Study: The Crazy Eddie, Inc.

    Crazy Eddie, Inc. Case Study Case Summary The Crazy Eddie, Inc. case reveals the success story of the retailer and critical factors that resulted in dismal performance and bankruptcy. In 1969 Eddie Antar a 21 years old high school dropout started his Crazy Eddie “empire” right here in Brooklyn on Kings Highway. Despite its modest beginning, the business grew tremendously to dominate the New York electronics retail market. By 1989 Crazy Eddie Inc. had 43 outlets in four states (New York,…

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  • Crazy Eddie Antar Case Study

    Eddie Antar started a small electronic business in New York City in the year 1969. Antar dominated the NYC electronic markets around 1987 with 43 retail outlets, sales exceeding $350 million, and stock with a collective market value of $600 million. Antar personally realized more than $70 million from the sale of Crazy Eddie stock during his labor as the company’s CEO. Crazy Eddie collapsed in the 1980s after several allegations of financial wrongdoing from behalf of Antar and his associates.…

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  • American Involvement In Ww2 Analysis

    use of unrestricted submarine warfare, America declared war on Germany on April 4, 1917. However, the U.S. Army and Navy had never participated in a war that was outside of their own borders and their soldiers lacked the training that would help them be successful in the trenches of France, Belgium, and Germany. This created the massive need for training to be instituted among the ranks, as well as creating a unique atmosphere for American officers to experiment with tactics that utilized the…

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  • Heroism In The Life Of St. Leoba

    A hero is traditionally someone who is characterized with idealistic qualities, such as courage and nobility. In The Life of St. Leoba, translated by Talbot, Rufolf used imagery to display the theme of heroism by portraying the main character Leoba as a hero through her overall description, her ability to make the guilty confess, and her capability to control the weather to save the innocent. The descriptions and imagery that Rudolf provides of Leoba allow her to be viewed as a hero by the…

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  • Book Analysis: Wild By Cheryl Strayed

    Would you be mad at your mother for dying or for being sick? In the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Strayed at 22 years old had several issues after her mother’s death from cancer. Strayed, devastated became involved in heroin use, and sleeping with other men rather than her husband Paul. Which led her to divorce him. Her stepfather disconnected from Strayed 's family, and her brother and sister stayed distant from her. After fourth years of her mother’s death she seeks self-discovery, and a…

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  • Joe Turner's Come And Gone Character Analysis Essay

    In August Wilson’s play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, the twenty-six year old Mattie Campbell is a lonely, young woman, born in Georgia, who is looking for her lost love, Jack Carper who was the father of her two children that have passed away. After Jack leaves her, Mattie searches for a sincere relationship and love. Mattie has faced many downfalls while searching; however, that does not stop her from believing that love still exist. Her attractiveness is said to be concealed beneath her weight…

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