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  • American Involvement In Ww2 Analysis

    Luke and his wingman Lieutenant Joseph Wehner “developed a twilight technique that was to be further developed (into night-fighter operations) in the next war. They would attack the enemy in the last, fading light of the day and land after dark” (Sims 61). These tactics demonstrated Luke’s intellectual prowess in the air and his ability to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield of WWI. Yet what made him an excellent fighter pilot was his killer instinct and daring attitude. Even Rickenbacker in his autobiography, “Fighting the Flying Circus”, stated, “… Frank Luke, who in my opinion was the greatest fighting pilot in the war …” (Rickenbacker 229), as well as “There was Luke – the most intrepid airfighter that ever sat in an aeroplane. What possible honor could be given him by his country that would accord him the distinction he deserved!” (Rickenbacker 323). Rickenbacker himself realized the immense skill Luke had and the role he had played during the…

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  • Eddie Rickenbacker: An American Hero

    Eddie Rickenbacker is a very courageous American for many reasons. Growing up, he had to find jobs to help support his family of ten. In his fighting years he was awarded with the Medal of Honor and 26 verified aerial victories. Eddie was born October 8,1890 in Columbus, Ohio into a family of ten. His schooling ended in 7th grade at the age of thirteen after the accidental death of his father. According to Eddie Rickenbacker: An American Hero in the Twentieth Century by W. David Lewis, his…

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  • Origins Of Electric Guitar

    The credit for this goes to George Beauchamp, a musician, and Adolph Rickenbacker, an electrical engineer, who are rightfully considered to be the people who created the first commercially viable modern amplifiable electric guitar. Others (mostly jazz musicians) had attempted this before them, such as using carbon button microphones and many other makeshift contraptions that were attached to the bridge of the guitar, but Beauchamp and Rickenbacker were the first to actually achieve the modern…

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  • Book Analysis: Wild By Cheryl Strayed

    Would you be mad at your mother for dying or for being sick? In the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Strayed at 22 years old had several issues after her mother’s death from cancer. Strayed, devastated became involved in heroin use, and sleeping with other men rather than her husband Paul. Which led her to divorce him. Her stepfather disconnected from Strayed 's family, and her brother and sister stayed distant from her. After fourth years of her mother’s death she seeks self-discovery, and a…

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  • Joe Turner's Come And Gone Character Analysis Essay

    In August Wilson’s play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, the twenty-six year old Mattie Campbell is a lonely, young woman, born in Georgia, who is looking for her lost love, Jack Carper who was the father of her two children that have passed away. After Jack leaves her, Mattie searches for a sincere relationship and love. Mattie has faced many downfalls while searching; however, that does not stop her from believing that love still exist. Her attractiveness is said to be concealed beneath her weight…

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  • The Case Of Crazy Eddie, Eddie And Sam Antar

    Eddie and Sam Antar will be names that no one will ever forget along with their electronic store, Crazy Eddie. Crazy Eddie first started out as Sights and Sounds but thanks to Eddie Antar’s strong and aggressive sale tactics, the name was changed. The name came from a nickname customers called Eddie for all his crazy low prices and tactics (S. Antar, “Crazy Eddie Early”). Thus Crazy Eddie was created. At the time Crazy Eddie’s was known for their crazy low prices and in your face advertising.…

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  • Movie Trading Places Themes

    1..Trading Places directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd focuses on a theme that is commonly represented in popular films. The subject of the film is the corruptness and advantage people desiring an immense amount of wealth take part in. Those seeking riches achieve it through whatever means possible, and those who are wealthy take advantage of the poor. The theme although a serious lesson is expressed through comedy. Trading Places is unique as it uses humor to teach…

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  • Analysis Of Das Boot

    It’s no wonder this film has been described as “ideologically promiscuous.” The only belief system the movie appears to subscribe to is that of the truth. Ultimately I think learning the truth of a covered-up period in history is the only way society can overcome these hard times. Part of the problem with America, it follows, is that we have never truly acknowledged the evil of slavery. Without even discussing the possibility of reparations, there are many gestures the government could make to…

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  • Professional Wrestling Essay

    2) During these matches, the commentators stress how the steel of cells have “no give” and feel “no pity” when a wrestler’s body is slammed into them. (Vargas, 3). Internal conflict has always been a primary point in wrestling for the storylines. “A heel is a villain in the ring, a rule breaker who cheats to win, whereas a baby face, or face for short, is the hero of a storyline.” (Vargas, 3) There can be storylines that use “real life context” and “wrapped into an elaborate wrestling…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ignorance In The Shadow Of Society

    Ignorance is truly bliss, as the saying goes of course. When one is asked, “would you rather be an animal or a human?” most answer, human of course; an answer without a second of thought. Humans are truly unique creatures, they follow human nature’s role of social stratification and name it as their own. However, as a result of claiming that human nature is in their control, people believe that it only applies to themselves, a creation unique to themselves. Humans are condescending creatures…

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