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  • Crayfish Behavior

    Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans that use their claws called chelipeds,for warning off predators. When frightened, these crayfish lift their chelipeds to make threatening gestures, all while moving backwards or staying still. We examined how long it would take for crayfish to calm down once removed from the water and if the temperature had any influence to this observation. To do this, we placed two crayfishes in room temperature water and another two in colder water for an interval of five minutes and again for ten minutes. Once the time was up,we measured how long it took for the crayfish to lower their claws. By lowering their claws it represented them being calm. The results were mixed indicating that the temperature of the water, might…

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  • Crayfish Experiment

    Procambarus propinquus (crayfish) were collected to observe the difference in oxygen consumption at different acclimated temperatures. These cray fish were collected from Medway Creek in London, and acclimated to their new environment and temperatures. The crayfish were exposed to the cold environment having an average temperature of 7° or warm having an average of 22°. An unpaired, two-tailed t test was performed to determine if there would be a change in O2 consumption between 2 individual…

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  • Informative Essay On Crawfish

    At first glance you might think they are from out of this galaxy, you might think they are gross,stenchy ,or even rodent like, but in the end they will smell and taste like a dish from the last supper. Deep in the scorching southern states of America you can find them in every muddy, muggy swamp. I’m not talking about alligators or even turtles, that’s right I’m talking about the little red creature called a crawfish. Or better yet in the backwoods referred to as the “mudbug.” If you ask any…

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  • Crayfish And Starfish Similarities

    This last month, in AP Biology, the class completed the dissection of a starfish, followed by a crayfish. With the experience of these labs, comparisons can be made between many aspects of these two organisms. These aspects suited for comparison include the body plans and symmetry of starfish and crayfish, the science behind their need and ability to move, how each organism obtains oxygen and distributes it therefore throughout the body, the processes of their digestive and nervous system, and…

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  • Doing Cajun Right Essay

    Larry’s French Market, “Doing Cajun Right” In Southeast Texas and Louisiana, Cajun food has an influence on almost every individual who tastes those blends of herbs, spices, and shellfish so associated with French culture. Although Groves, Texas might not seem like a town prideful of their Cajun cuisine, Larry’s French Market’s tastes like a meal straight out of the bayou. Larry’s French Market is well known by just about every local in a thirty mile radius. Larry’s reputation for easy…

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  • Personal Narrative-Snapping Turtle

    I can successfully say that I have seen the world's fastest snapping turtle. I snapped my head back to see how much distance there was between us. There was only a foot left to where the dock would come to an end. My heart was racing. Thump! My breaths were quick and short. Thump! As my feet landed on the ground there was a slight trip in my step, but I slowly steadied myself. When I glanced back the turtle seemed to have disappeared and ran the other way. “Hey Katherine do you want to try and…

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  • Crayfish Aggressive Behavior

    also shown in freshwater crayfish. Aggressive behavior in crayfish can be seen by anybody, but it becomes more prominent in a restricted laboratory setting. Groups of crayfish of about the same length and the same sex, plainly exhibit a pattern of dominance. When observed, it is noted that the crayfish perform different degrees of combative behavior. Researchers beg the question, how does the sex and the of size crayfish influence the different levels of aggression? Experiments were set up using…

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  • Freshwater Crayfish Essay

    Tips оn Freshwater Crayfish Care Freshwater crayfish аrе beautiful аnd fascinating creatures tо house іn аn aquarium. Thеrе аrе оvеr 100 different species оf crayfish whісh differ іn color, frоm yellow tо green аnd brown tо rеd. Mоѕt оf thеm live uр tо 3 years, thоugh ѕоmе mау live longer. Nonetheless thеrе іѕ mоrе tо keeping crayfish thаn just throwing thеm іn thе tank. Evеn thоugh thеу live іn mud whеn іn thе wild, ensuring thаt thе creature іѕ bоth healthy аnd happy аt аll tіmеѕ іѕ vеrу…

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  • Crayfish Aggression Analysis

    We hypothesized that higher levels of serotonin will have an effect on the crayfish aggression. Our data does not support our hypothesis as there is no significant difference in the aggression scores of the crayfish before the drug treatment (naïve fight) and after (drugged fight). While analyzing the data, we found the presence of winner and loser effect. Other factor such as sex may have influenced our results. However, a t- test revealed that there is no significant impact of sex on the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Crayfish

    time I heard my dad scream. I was in third grade, and my class had recently finished up our unit on crayfish. The school had decided to allow students to keep them as house pets when the class was done with them. The student just needed permission from his or her parents. I longed to have a crayfish. Prior to the third grade, the closest I had ever had to a pet was a snail that I had watched for my neighbors while they were on vacation for a few weeks. I had begged my parents for a pet, but…

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