Arbitrary arrest and detention

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  • Justice Anthopolous Case Study

    Issue One: Did Justice Anthopolous err in finding that the police detention of the Applicants and the vehicle was lawful and not arbitrary under s. 9 of the Charter? Justice Anthopolous was correct in finding that the detention of the vehicle and the occupants within did not violate section 9 of the charter of rights and freedoms (the right to not be arbitrarily detained) and the detention of the vehicle was lawful and not arbitrary, the detention of Alomar and Bell was the result of an ongoing investigation. Det. Martin stated that he believed he witnessed the sale of narcotics during his investigation of the anonymous drug tip, the police may detain a person for investigative purposes if their are reasonable grounds to suspect the individual…

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  • Elie Wiesel Human Rights Violations Essay

    ALL human rights were violated,the right to not be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile, the right to not be held in slavery or servitude , the right not to be subjected to torture or inhuman and degrading treatment. Jews were being moved around Europe without their consent. These are the main human rights that were violated by the Nazis. Human Rights of the Holocaust victims were violated because the Nazis tortured them, they held them in slavery and servitude, also they were held…

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  • Police Torture In Egypt

    during Mubarak’s rule. These include the use of electric shocks, rape, handcuffing detainees and suspending them from open doors. Another hanging method, known as “the grill”, involves handcuffing the detainee’s hands and legs to an iron rod and suspending the rod between two opposite chairs until the detainee’s legs go numb. Security forces then start using electric shocks on the person’s legs.” (“Egypt: Rampant torture, arbitrary arrests and detentions signal catastrophic decline in human…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Offshore Detention Centres

    According to Article 14 of the United Nations declaration of Human Rights (UNGA, 1948) ‘everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution’. So why doesn’t the word ‘everyone’ really mean what It is supposed to? The following text will demonstrate the international and domestic laws based on the establishment of Refugee detention centres. With the first immigration detention centre opening in 1966 in Melbourne, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding…

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  • Canadian Human Rights

    The bill allows people to be preventatively arrested and held in detention by police if the person is suspected of committing terrorist activities, even without an arrest warrant, for up to seven days (CUPE 2). Allowing the police force to preventatively arrest a member of the public would obviously lead to many arbitrary arrests, as the arrests would be largely dependent on opinions that can easily be swayed. This violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where it is stated, “No one…

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  • Victimless Crime

    • The enforcement of these laws can be discriminatory as it is based purely on the moralistic behaviour of the enforcing authorities. These laws are strongly enforced against the weak and middle class people rather than uniform application that will include the upper class people. It is the people who have been arrested once for a crime who can be rearrested again for the same crime instead of any other person. Hence, the enforcement of a criminal law on victimless crimes is proportional to…

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  • The Effects Of Violence And Dehumanization In North Korea

    Firstly, in North Korea, the government rules over the people, and separates themselves from them, thinking they are better than them—stage 1: Classification. The family of Kim Jong-un and the communist party has set themselves apart—or rather, above—the majority. Secondly, the government dehumanizes the people, by putting them in concentration camps with conditions unfit for even animals—step 3: Dehumanization (Allen). Next, even though it seems blatantly obvious that what the communists are…

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  • Mistreatment Of Refugees

    The recent development of inhumane mistreatment of asylum seekers in detention centres has caused a media uproar showcasing the lack of human morality of the mistreatment of refugees in domestic detention centres. Australia has been known for signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and also the one of the founding counties of the United Nations (U.N) [Australian Human Rights Commission, 2015]. This leaves Australia in a position of prestige, being a country that fully supports…

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  • Persecuted In China Essay

    has locked down on citizen’s rights and violating their privacy. Those who speak out against the government are subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture, and death, which is a violation of articles nine, five, and three. In general, the government is restricting the rights of expression and opinion, especially through media. Those who are persecuted are granted either no charge or trial, or an…

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  • Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (ICESCR)

    The opposition supports the notion of ‘preventive detention’. Preventive detention is explained by Claire Macken as, “A person detained, not for punishment for a proven transgression of the criminal law, but because the individual is considered a potential threat to state security” (Macken, 2005, pg. 2). Macken goes on to explain that the purpose of preventive detention is to “safeguard national security or public order” (Macken, 2005, pg. 2). Essentially, the argument within this concept…

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