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  • Commercial Media Analysis

    Commercial Media is fueled simultaneously by the demands of the audience, but also by the advertisers and what they want the audience to consume. In a world where success is evaluated numerically, Radio is no exception this. Radio Stations are driven by ratings, a system that gives broadcasters an indication on the popularity of variables such as content, broadcasters and programming. How ratings and results are collected has changed numerous times to reach the few systems currently used worldwide. When radio was first adapted as a medium to entertain and inform in the 1920’s, knowledge of the audience was relatively ‘impressionistic’ (Ang, 1991) through basic methods of fan mail and other schemes created by broadcasters. Now with advancements in technology, there is the improved ablity to analyse audience behaviour ‘revealing aspects of how and why audiences consume media that were previously unknown’ (Napoli, 2012). In the late 1940’s the systematic diary method created by Garnet Garrison became used for both television and radio. While tv has moved away from this method, it is still widely used throughout the radio sector. At the end of this year, New Zealand will cease the used of this Diary method, an inexpensive method that was seen to be successful in ascertaining an understanding of the audience. Participants are randomly selected in their region and asked to complete a diary of what radio stations they are listening to, when and for how long. Results are then…

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  • Dysfunctional Family Research Paper

    because they both more important factors in a dysfunctional family. Income affects dysfunctional families because if people do not have enough money to support their family, their family will not thrive. This is more likely to correspond to not having a high paying job, which correlates to having a low amount of education. This means that race is not a deciding factor itself of dysfunctional families but income and education are deciding factors. Another factor that leads to the negative…

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  • 1968 Social Movement Analysis

    has over 98 million music subscribers,[endnoteRef:33] who can select from 740 million music options. The No. 1 Top 40 station in the U.S.[endnoteRef:34] attracted less than 5% of the audience in Los Angeles.[endnoteRef:35] Satellite radio and music stored on portable devices means most people are creating their own Top 40s. If music was the voice of the prophets in the 1960s, then music is the choice of the individual in 2017. Members of a cause might share a song, but it is difficult to…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    consumer products (National Consumer Panel) and data on home food consumption (National Menu Census). ■ Information Resources, Inc.: Supermarket scanner data (InfoScan) and data on the impact of supermarket promotions (PromotioScan). ■ SAMI/Burke: Reports on warehouse withdrawals to food stores in selected market areas (SAMI reports) and supermarket scanner data (Samscam). ■ Simmons Market Research Bureau (MRB Group): Annual reports covering television markets, sporting…

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