Inhumane Mistreatment Of Asylums

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The recent development of inhumane mistreatment of asylum seekers in detention centres has caused a media uproar showcasing the lack of human morality of the mistreatment of refugees in domestic detention centres. Australia has been known for signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and also the one of the founding counties of the United Nations (U.N) [Australian Human Rights Commission, 2015]. This leaves Australia in a position of prestige, being a country that fully supports the concept that everyone is entitled to an adequate degree of Human Rights. Thus the mistreatment of any individual being, regardless of their political status, should not occur under Australian political actions, for Australia considered is a Humanitarian …show more content…
This has led to ongoing refugee arrivals in Australia both legally and illegally over the years, which led Australia to take action in implementing detention centres to limit arrival of illegal immigrants. The implementation of detention centres already show a potential of breaching any ones common rights, but that fact that these “detention centres” (use sarcasm) are clearly another word for prison. The prison like state of these centres are a slim to none comparison, shutting of families from the outside world around them all because they wish to flee from a war torn country in the hopes of asylum. Detention centres like Nauru and Christmas Island have been described as if it was compound intended to lock up criminals. The detention centres built out in the middle the Australian outback with a vast land scape and in the middle we are seen “-- a silvery spider web of electrified fence” and the actual detention buildings being described as “barrack – like structures” [Refugee Action Committee Canberra, 2015]. What we should be asking is that: Do these people deserve to be treated like prisoners for trying to seek a better lifestyle? And should Australia still consider itself a pro human rights nation even after facilitating the mistreatment of

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