Self Reflection: Orientation To Social Work And Human Services

Orientation to Social Work and Human Services
Self Reflection

Name: Jake Kristensen
Student Number: 10286624
Due Date: Tuesday 13th March 2018
Word Count: 829 The aim of this paper is to express my motivations for becoming a human services worker focussing on the educational and academic levels within the juvenile justice system. While simultaneously advocating for the LGBT community within the juvenile justice system and the wider community. Therefore, I have decided to complete a dual degree in human services and justice.
I am the youngest of five, my three eldest siblings having come from relationships previously, two from my mother and one from my father. In so many aspects I had felt that I was different from the rest of
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P16) I was given the opportunity to learn where other young people are not given the same opportunities in other countries around the world and in some parts of Australia. As a future public service worker, I wish to give the young people of Australia whom have been identified as having a gap with their academic learning potential. A study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has outlined where many of these gaps occur many of which are sex, Indigenous status, geographical location, their status within society, ethnicity and socioeconomic class (ABS …show more content…
P. 17-18
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