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  • Research Paper On Dubai Economy

    Dubai Dubai is the important and popular part of the United Arab Emirates and it is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It has many different nationalities around the world .A few years ago, Dubai was a desert, then Dubai become the fastest growing cities and it becomes the important city in the Middle East because it has a strong economy in the Middle East. Dubai is always trying to be a unique city and it is trying to have luxury life requirements. Dubai is progressing…

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  • ISIS And International Terrorism

    government left Iraq before it had a stable government. Another topic that might scare United States citizens, America joins Europe in the war against ISIS: “Our Intelligence Community believes that thousands of foreigners--including Europeans and some Americans--have joined them in Syria and Iraq. Trained and battle-hardened, these fighters could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks” (Par. 14). These Westerns would have not known about ISIS spreading around in the…

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  • The Importance Of NYU Abu Dhabi

    and we laugh at the experiences he shares because of our sheer disbelief that anyone might attend a college where these opportunities abound. His university of choice, NYU Abu Dhabi, is situated in the small Middle Eastern country called the United Arab Emirates (UAE). People from a large variety of backgrounds and countries attend the college and must adapt to a different way of living. However, learning this new culture broadens knowledge of the customs of other countries. The location of the…

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  • Gendered Conflict In Emirati Animated Sitcoms

    Emirati Hijab, Camel Humps & Apocalyptic Islamists: Gendered Conflict in Emirati Animated Sitcoms Emirati animated sitcoms emblemize the cultural traits of the society, thus a window to its worldview. These sitcoms conceptualize how the United Arab Emirates’ residents are represented in a sarcastic fashion to entertain Emirati viewers as their primary targets. Shaabiat Al Cartoon (SAC) (2006), is one of the early and most successful Emirati sitcoms in portraying the tapestry of the UAE’s…

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  • Fast Food Culture Analysis

    American food has been advertised in commercials and aired on televisions worldwide. Many commercials have even been translated into a countries dominant language in order to be displayed on televisions in those countries. These fast food chains have come up with clever ways to sell their products to otherwise traditional countries. Companies such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, and Taco Bell, are all American franchises that have opened in different countries around the world. There…

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  • Essay On Operation Desert Storm

    years of violence between the Middle East and the United States. While Operation desert storm is technically over the destruction caused in its doing is not. Operation desert storm caused a lot of damage to the middle east and because of that damage American has been plunged in 2 wars with the Middle East. One of those wars we are still in today, nearly a generation since the original operation. Operation desert storm was one of the largest multinational operations in the history of the…

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  • Tarnishing America Research Paper

    Nikitha Gopa Mr. Penn Honors American Literature 8 Feb. 2017 Tarnishing America’s Image Each and every day people strive to establish peace throughout the world. People are frightened about the terrorism that surrounds their country and the possibility of it entering the country. While it may seem logical to restrict people from Muslim countries in order to ensure safety for the American citizens, the Travel Ban is a unethical and unacceptable action that must be repealed. All Syrian refugees…

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  • ISIS Foreign Policy

    The statements from this leader are made purely from ignorance of how Americans really view others. There are only a select few that share his sentiment, but they are by no means terrorist. It is the propaganda that promotes this hatred and thus their followers and those that splinter off carry this hatred as well. That is why treaties and policies are put in place. To protect the lives of Americans and their allies. No policy can fully protect anyone from any nation/state who wants to…

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  • Middle East Bombing

    lack of understanding. Back in 1992 on December, first terrorist attack against Americans occurred in Yemen. When a bomb had erupted in a hotel used by U.S. military personnel involved in supporting the food for the people in to Somalia. Al-Qaeda launched a much deadlier attack in Yemen in October 2000 when it attacked the United States Ship Cole in the port of Aden with a boat filled with explosives, killing 17 American sailors. Also, back on February 26, 1993 the world trade center was bombed…

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  • Arab Nationalism Research Paper

    PSC 345 - Midterm Exam Question One: Arab Nationalism Arab Nationalism is a movement that began “after the withdrawal of Egyptian forces from Syria in 1839. Later on, Sa’ada founded the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in 1932. It was the major force in Lebanese and Syrian politics until the early 1960’s and was still operating in the 1990’s” (Palmer, pg.53) This movement rose to prominence in the 1950’s as Arab Nations began to gain independence from former colonial powers. The major principle…

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