The Importance Of Domestic Violence In The Arab American Immigrant Family

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Research conducted by Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller (1999) sought to investigate beliefs and actions about domestic violence in Arab American immigrant families with the purpose of providing education and intervention. The results revealed that moderate percentages of women approved of husband perpetrated violence and control against their wives under certain circumstances (Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller 1999). The majority of women agreed or strongly agreed that men could tell their wives if they were allowed to work outside of the house or not, and if they were allowed to go out with friends or not. The vast majority of men agreed or strongly agreed they had this right. Even though the majority of women disagreed and strongly disagreed that men could have sex with …show more content…
Small to moderate percentages of both men and women in this study believed it was acceptable for a man to hit his wife when: she won’t do what he tells her to, or she insults him at home or in public. Majority of respondents said slapping was acceptable if a woman comes home drunk, hits the man first in an argument, or has an affair with another man. Some female participants (18.2%) in this survey believed that a man could kill his wife if she had an affair with another man. The results suggest that violence against women (at least in an intimate partner relationship) was accepted by both men and women in the group of Arab American immigrants sampled. The authors suggest community outreach and intervention that utilizes publication and distribution of educational and empowerment material, community outreach, and increased quality of living conditions as facets to affect change and reduce domestic and sexual violence in this

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