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Arab American History Arab Americans encompass people from 22 nations of North Africa and the Middle East. Southeastern Michigan accounts for one of the largest concentrations of Arabs outside the Middle East. It can be difficult to trace when some Arab Americans actually arrived in the US due to inaccuracy of census records as they do not have a classification for Arab heritage and people identify themselves differently (100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans). Zammouri is known to be the first Arab (as well as, the first African American) that arrived in the US during the slave trade in 1528. It is believed that he was sold into slavery in Morocco in 1511 when Portugal invaded his city. He became a famous healer, interpreter, …show more content…
Joseph Arbeely of Damascus, Syria who brought his wife, six sons, and a niece and was welcomed with open arms due to his prestigious reputation as a professor. Two of his sons, published the first Arabic language newspaper in America, The Star of America in 1892 (Arab Americans: An Integral Part of American Society). Most of the Arab immigrants during this time were Christians with 5 – 10% of Muslim faith; half were women by 1919. Their push factor was due to economic and political difficulties as the Ottoman Empire declined following the collapse of the silk industry. As with many other ethnic immigrants, the laws of the 1920’s prevented many Arabs from immigrating until the next wave during the 1950’s. During that next wave of the 50’s and 60’s, Arabs came from more countries and were both Christian and Muslim. This new group of Arab immigrants had a strong sense of broader Arab identity and established pan-Arab organizations like the Organization of Arab Students.
The third wave includes the 1970’s to the present; after the civil rights movement, immigration laws ended the restrictions that had been placed on national origin. One of the push factors for this set of immigrants was devastation from long wars and included a large number of highly educated professionals, as well as, urban middle class merchants.
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