Rise Of Islam Essay

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The Rise of Islam The rise of Islam has played a major role in world history. Islam has contributed to many aspects of life: it has made a great impact on medicine, architecture and mathematics. It all starts in the early seventh century with Prophet Mohammed who lived in Mecca. He started out with meditation in a cave and in the year 610, then he started having visions/ messages from God. From there on he started preaching and getting people to follow him, and soon they formed the Islamic religion. In 632 C.E. after the death of Prophet Muhammad, Islam spread very quickly, that it had made a great impact on the world. The Muslim rulers created a huge empire starting from North Africa to south Asia. Today Islam is the world’s second major religion. Islamic Civilization expanded and contributed to major changes in medicine, architecture and Mathematics.
Islamic civilization has adapted most of its scientific research from Greek and Roman. After collecting and translating the research they started build on the information with their knowledge. Islam
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It has made great changes in medicine, architecture, mathematics and so many other subjects. Islam has spread in a small period of time because it calls for one God and many people choose it as their way of life. Many Muslims traveled around the world to learn more about medicine and so many new inventions to help the people around them. Ever since Islam became a religion, Muslims has made a great progress in history. The Islamic civilization has gathered a great amount of information from different places around the world. They then added their own observation and techniques to build the basics of our modern medicine. They also have invented new architecture designs. They also where the founders of mathematics and they changed the history of all mathematical books. The Muslims invention of medicine and architect and mathematics are historical

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