Apple Jobs

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When people mentioned the word “innovative”, undoubtedly, a big white apple logo will come to your mind. Apple Inc. is a known for its creative capacity. So far, apple has become one of the most successful and valuable technology company in the world.
The author firstly describes the situation of Apple, and how they establish their target to the individual PC market. And the author illustrates Apple’s core factors to make great products and services, and under influence of its master soul -Steven Jobs. In the case, we can have a detailed understanding of how Apple used design thinking, innovative product strategies, its CEO as chief innovator and bold business experimentation to make the company on the way to success.
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At the early stages of product strategy, he also created a platform that can accommodate development and production of derivative products. The platform strategy makes the great contribution to Apple, suppliers, and customers. Due to customer involvement, they still integrated users experience into products design and development process. Creating smoother software bases on more user testing. I believe that the one reason for people to love and enjoy Apple products is because of their classic “pristine white”. Besides, Apple pays much attention to new materials and manufacturing process that creates more beautiful, trendy and colorful appearance to attract different consumers. These proper product development tactics help Apple win the hearts of all and become more competitive in the technology …show more content…
No matter the fashionable appearance or selectable colors or simple manipulate, Apple design the product met different kinds of people demand. Apple knows how to use the products to communicate with their target customers. When we use products from Apple, we can feel the diligent of design from each part, even a tiny button. Before launch the new product, the company should find out what the customer wants and fulfill the needs or desires. For marketing part, they need to shift its emphasis from pushing products to cultivating

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