Apprentice Boys of Derry

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  • Binary Gender Roles

    This morning’s discussion with the former Lord Mayor put Derry much more into perspective for someone who is an outsider and is not educated well on The Troubles or Irish politics, past and present. In comparison to the current antics of American politics, Ireland and those a part of the United Kingdom are facing similar topics, though on a different scale. One of the most prevalent issues the former Lord Mayor talked about were gender rights, branching off briefly on women’s rights to abortions in the Republic. Within the walls of what is considered Londonderry, however, a pristine museum was created by a group connected strongly to religion and nationalism, the Apprentice Boys. Visiting the museum helped to interpret, but not understand,…

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  • Robert Fulton's Influence On An American

    He invented the torpedo for naval warfare to be successful under water and discreetly done. Fulton in his early life had no interest in naval warfare. This is seen when Hartenberg says, “Naval matters played no role in the first phase of Robert Fulton’s life” (Hartenberg 4), showing that he did not have any past experience with naval affairs before his canal engineering career. Together naval warfare is what Robert Fulton truly impacted on society and continued to do so through his later life.…

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  • The People's Referendum Chapter Summary

    Catholic organisation, formed in 1919, was prolific. The Protestant church catered for younger members of the community in the form of the Boys Brigade, a youth group made up of mostly working class Protestants boys. Besides the Orange Order, there was a plethora of Protestant organisations in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Walker asserts that there are also good arguments to identify Freemasonry as a fundamentally Protestant organisation in Scotland. Moreover he is of the belief that the…

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