The Importance Of Apple's Retail Store

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Today, Apple’s retail store can be found in almost all developed countries including America, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and many more. More than 30 stores are present in California itself. With the revolutionary Apple, it is unlikely that one that is connected to the modern world have never visited an Apple store before. I have visited Apple store numerous of times in San Francisco Union Square, in Palo Alto Stanford Mall, and in San Diego, UTC. I have chosen Apple simply because I love the brand. Especially for a complete technological amateur like myself, Apple’s products had made my life in dealing with folders, flipping through the Internets, and performing basic function such as sending emails so much easier. Apple has categorized …show more content…
Through my shopping experience, I have encountered many advantages that Apple has. When I was at the store, I cannot help but feel satisfied to be in it, like a proud member that belongs to the Apple community. I can tell that this is the feeling that Apple can give to many of its customers. Therefore, one of the prominent strength that Apple possesses is high brand resonance owing to the fact that customer, like myself, has high degree of loyalty. There are many mistakes that Apple had made, such as problem with the iOS5, but customer seems to be extremely forgiving and the brand reputation is not destroyed. Behavioral loyalty is present in Apple in terms of repeat purchases, as customers are more likely to upgrade their iPhones. The earlier times I visited Apple was during the release of the new iPhone 7 and I saw customers who are willing to queue in line overnight in front of the stores. Also, Apple builds its sense of community and active engagement towards its consumers by encouraging those with Apple computers, to form local Apple user group, where they can offer monthly meetings, trainings and one-on-one support. Consequently, we can see that Apple has a very high brand resonance and is capable of retaining old customers. This allows Apple to be effective in marketing its brand, …show more content…
However, less than a minute, a female staff approached me and asked what I was looking for. I told her about my broken screen and I was transferred to the guy with the iPad in the center of the room. Then I had to make an appointment for the “Genius Bar,” which is a creative term that Apple had invented that actually means hands-on-diagnosis and troubleshooting (See Figure 2 for the Genius Bar). I was told that they would text me when my appointment is ready, and I could cancel anytime through my phone or even to extend my time. I was initially overwhelmed by the crowd, but was satisfied with the orderly system that they had created. I was also contempt with the attitude of the staffs for they immediately greeted me and were very friendly. In addition, everyone seems to be exceptionally busy, and none of the staff are standing idly, which shows the highly productive day-to-day operations in a retail stores. The retail store itself is simplistic in its design and modern, which is similar to the concept for all Apple’s products. I noticed that the simplistic design that Apple adopted for its stores and products, gives them a classy and luxurious looks. One of the tables nearing the glass door displayed the newly released iPhone 7 in all of its

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