Corporations: Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.
“For the first 30 years, Apple was called the Apple Computer, Inc. On January 9, 2007; it removed the word “Computer” To Reflect Its Expanding Electronic Market. (Random History)” The quote means that before It didn’t have any significant meaning to it and it didn’t had many products at all back then, now it has expanded to many items like an IPhone , Mac , IPod etc. Apple Inc. Despite Apple 's methods and how the Apple Inc. manages. I 'm supposed to write an essay about one of the top 100 corporations which I have to describe the financial position, leadership, community involvement, potential growth and the current strength of the Apple company,. Because it’s main purpose is to make a product that many people will
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(Apple Jobs ) Apple Store Genius –$38,937,Lead Genius – $38,353,Assistant Apple Store Manager – $49,176,Account Executive – $75,324,Financial Analyst – $81,523,Software Quality Assurance Engineer – $87,651,Business Analyst – $87,768,Systems Engineer – $94,119,Project Manager – $94,652,Mechanical Engineer – $99,900,Senior Systems Engineer – $101,794,Software Engineer – $103,883,Firmware Engineer – $103,985,Test Engineer – $104,926,Hardware Engineer – $105,316,Database Administrator – $105,382,Production Design Engineer – $116,019,Product Manager – $118,556,Senior Hardware Engineer – $124,893,Senior Software Engineer – $126,325,Art Director – $133,664 (How Much Is The Average Salary Of An Apple Employee?) The revenue for the current year is $233,715,000.00, while the current gross profit is $93,626,000.00. Net income for this current year it shows that it varies during the year 2012-2015 periods. The current stock position is at 10:55 a.m. and it is $118.42. The history of the stock over the 12 months, it kept increasing and decreasing. (Look at the Income Statement and …show more content…
This shows that the Apple Company always comes up with something good to give out to the consumers. (Apple rumours & predictions 2016: What to expect from Apple in 2016)
I would buy the Apple stock because the net income grew over time and it is a good place to invest in because of their products, and services which makes them popular among consumers. It also shows that Technology is more popular which many teens and adults use these days, it shows that how advanced our community got. Also they design many of the products which come out yearly or monthly which makes people to come in and see what they have.
In conclusion the Apple Company is in a good shape, they have many opportunities for jobs that they can provide. They have many different selections you can buy at the Apple store which provides a variety ,which people enjoy to see what can they get to fit their needs. You could go anywhere in America to find an Apple store that is located couple miles

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