Ruptured Appendix Research Paper

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Having A Ruptured Appendix

On Labor Day 2006 I was brought to Saint Luke's Hospital. My parents didn't know why I wasn't eating or drinking water for the past couple days when I was 2 years old. My mom thought I just had the 24 hour flu because I kept regurgitating, but she was completely wrong. What I had was way worse, but who knew I had a ruptured appendix? No one knew until that night of Monday, September 2, 2006, Labor Day.

At home, I was acting like I had the 24 hour flu, I was sick and miserable, I didn't eat or drink water for a while. My mom wanted to take me in the next day, but I am glad my dad didn't wait till the next day. That night of September 2, 2006 I was downstairs laying on the ground not moving that much, which was odd, because I was a really hyper girl. Then my dad came downstairs and pick me up off the ground and looked into my eyes. My dad said that my eyes were glossy and when he looked into them, he thought I was saying "daddy help me." That's when he said that they weren't going to wait another day. My dad called someone over to give me a blessing and the person he called over said that they should take me to
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I am so lucky that my parents didn't wait one more day to take me into the hospital, otherwise I might not be here today. Many people have survived from a ruptured appendix, but many have died from it too. Another thing is that many people all around us could have or had a ruptured appendix, but many people don't realize it. Most people that have a ruptured appendix are teens, but many people older and younger can have it. If the ruptured appendix is small you could fix it with antibiotics, but no matter what it is life threatening. I was, so lucky that my parents took me in when they did and no matter what, I will all ways remember my story about having a ruptured

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