Narrative Essay On The Glass Castle

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Life is an amazing thing just like Jeannette Walls’ in The Glass Castle. Add a sentence about her hardships. People are awesome and we do many great things in life. Some of us go onto making and creating amazing inventions and other gadgets. Some of us go onto doing heroic things with our life. Well all have great and amazing moments but sometimes we have not so great or even tragic events. I 'm not going to say I 've had it the worst like Jeannette, but I 've definitely have a story to tell. I have little memory in my head and I mainly have stories that I have been told. I grew up in a small one story house with about three rooms a bedroom/living room a bathroom and a kitchen, I can’t say it was cramped because I don’t even remember this …show more content…
We have a lot of strong people out there in this world that have been shaped by events like these. After about four years of living with my grandparents, my mother met another guy she really liked, he had a well paying job and some college in him. He had played on Sandusky’s high school baseball team and was offered a place in the Cleveland Indians, He declined them for an unknown reason. We moved in with him and for the first few days it seemed okay, he was a little awkward when I was around but for the most part it wasn’t bad. We sat around watching a movie or two while we unpacked things and I went to bed. The first few nights crying for my grandmother or grandfather to come sit on the end of the bed or even say good night. My mother told me she remembers closing my door and hearing “Where is grandma and papa?”. I fell asleep one night and heard my mother leave for work so I got out of bed and walked into the living room where my mother’s boyfriend waved goodbye. I asked him where she was going and he said “To work.. Hey I got something cool to show you”. I remember walked to the basement door where I was always terrified of. He opened the door turned on the lights and walked down the stairs. He walked over to his showcase of all his trophies and stuff he won from baseball and other small events. I went beside him holding the stuffed bunny I got from my great grandmother pretty much the day she passed away. Ironically he …show more content…
Many think I will not make it and others are with me one hundred percent and are giving me nothing but support which is amazing. I am enlisting in the US Army as 31K (Military Working Dog Handler) I will have to go through a 27 week training. Nine weeks being at basic combat training and 18 weeks training to be a military police k-9 unit. This just goes to show you. Like Jeannette walls said “I lived in a world that at any moment could erupt into fire. It was the sort of knowledge that kept you on your toes.” Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle. It 's true that I have as well and it takes a major amount of strength in order to step up and do the things that can’t normally be

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