Symbolism In The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle The Glass Castle, written by author Jeannette Walls refllects a beautiful memoir of her childhood. The focus of the story includes Jeannette 's struggles as a child and having to grow up in a dysfunctional family. The protagonist of the novel being Jeannette Walls herself , describes the brutal yet honest truth behind growing up within the circumstances of an unstable home of her alcholic father and her mothers rather rustic lifestyle. With the use of theme, symbolism and irony, Jeannette Walls has illustrated and captured the essence of a true story through The Glass Castle. The theme of forgivness is continous through ought The Glass Castle. One example that refects this theme of forgivness is when Rex, the father of Jeanette …show more content…
A prominent symbol found is this idea of a glass castle. The glass castle represents something beautiful and magical. Which is something Jeannette and her father Rex desire to reflect in their lives. This example of symbolism is apparent through this quote."Never did build that glass castle, No, but we had fun planning it". (pg 279). This quote highlights how The glass castle encapsulates this theory of perfection and nothing flawed. Which in reality was not the truth of the Walls family. It was dysfunctional and strangely abstract with their fathers on going addiction and and mothers care free spirit. Even though her father prefered to theorize rather than live practically, he was intelligent enough to come up with the blue prints for a exsqusite creation such as the glass castle, yet failed everytime to execute these plans. The glass castle represents greatly the relationship between Jeannette and her father, where Jeannette was in a cyle of constantly believing in her fathers ideas and plans, hoping that one day it would bring them happiness. Even though they never built that castle, it was worth planning it because it gave them hope for an optimistic and inspiring …show more content…
An example of irony in The Glass castle is when Jeannette and her sibings are accustomned to the discipline and lifestye of their crazy parents. This idea of irony is evident within this quote.
"Later that night, Dad stopped the car out in the middle of the desert, and we slept under the stars. We had no pillows, but Dad said that was part of his plan. He was teaching us to have good posture. The Indians didn 't use pillows, either, he explained, and look how straight they stood. We did have our scratchy army-surplus blankets, so we spread them out and lay there, looking up at the field of stars. I told Lori how lucky we were to be sleeping out under the sky like Indians. We could live like this forever, ' I said. I think we 're going to, ' she said." This quote greatly highlights the irony found within Jeannettes childhood. With her families constant moving and not being able to pay the rent on time, they would go on frequent road trips. These road trips included Jeanette and her siblings to be camping outside and believing that they have a great advantage that they got the oppurtunity to sleep under the stars like the Indians, when in reality their parents could not afford anything else. The fact that Jeannette and her siblings never question or distinguish what would be normal. The greatest irony is how the lack of parenting , otherwise considered as child abuse and neglect are seen as adventures

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