Narrative Essay On The Crucible

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The crucible was about a lengthy trial which caused many people to open their eyes and see the bigger picture. In my opinion, most have gone through, or will go through, a severe trial during their life that will cause them to change their perspective. For me the trail I experienced which impacted me the most was seeing my little sister in critical condition at the age of two. I was nine and my world turned upside down for what seemed like forever. Although I was young at the time, the thought of not having my little sister in my life impacted me strongly, and led me to mature.
The insidious events that led up to my baby sister being in the ICU of a children's hospital started with simple stomach pains. To begin with, we were not too concerned
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The doctors finally told her that it was just a Urinary Tract Infection and they gave her medicine to make it “go away” then sent her home. When my mother and Isabella came home, Isabella didn’t look any better. She was actually getting worse. The following day, my mother became more concerned and decided to take her back to Palisades Hospital and insisted that they talk another, harder look at my sister. The doctors finally did an ultrasound found her appendix had become infected, and because it was left untreated, it had actually burst. Within minutes, my sister was in an ambulance being rushed to Saint Joseph’s …show more content…
I was jealous all the attention she got for being the new baby in the house. I was even jealous of how lucky she was for having a father that adores her because I grew up without my father. However, after seeing her in her hospital crib, I later realized I missed her annoying little voice. I even missed her touching everything, her wild hair, and most of all her beautiful eyes and contagious smile. A smile that I hadn’t seen in days. I found myself praying for her more and more. My faith grew so much stronger during the whole situation. My step father and mother were praying too, multiple times a day. I believe God used this situation to bring us closer together as a family and to Him. It worked; I realized I didn’t want to live another day without my sister bugging me while I’m trying to watch

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