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  • Rhetorical Appeals In Socrates Apology

    1301 9/14/2017 Plato’s Apology The judicial system has been known for mishandling serious cases in the past. Socrates happens to have a case quite similar where he had been wrongfully accused of corrupting the youth, attempting to create a deity, and not believing the gods of the state. Socrates apology will be analyzed in the following paragraphs. An apology (apologia) is a justification or defense of a general belief and or idea. Socrates gave his apologia or “apology” by defending himself…

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  • Socrates Speech In The Apology Analysis

    Although Socrates prepared his speech in the Apology to be used in his defense trial, it seems as if Socrates also subtly promoted a manifesto of values that are quite comparable to the values listed in Connecticut College’s Mission Statement and Values. It may be argued that this is purely coincidental, however, Socrates’ speech in the Apology has been and still is a tremendous philosophical influence, thus, it appears more so that Socrates’ speech influenced the Connecticut College’s Mission…

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  • The Characterization Of Meltus In The Apology Of Socrates

    Humans have a tendency to let certain strong emotions or feeling take control of them and affect them in many ways. These emotions can act as a type of barrier to understanding and comprehending reality. In the book The Apology of Socrates, Meletus of the prosecution is blinded and sees reality in a distorted sense due to his large pride and hatred against Socrates. Meletus is the “representative”, in a sense, for the poets who Socrates insulted by insinuating that the poets were not wise.…

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  • Loss Of Innocence In Socrates's Apology

    Socrates commences by making a serious request to the jury to listen to him. He also asks them to forgive him if he begins to talk in the way he usually does. The people accusing him have already spoken out against him. They warn the jury of his persuasive way of speaking and how he might seem convincing as he is professing his innocence. Socrates states he does not speak eloquently. He says he will speak so that everyone to understand why he believes he is innocent. He even believes the…

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  • An Analysis Of Plato's The Apology By Socrates

    ‘The Apology’ written by Socrates most famous student Plato, is a Socrates dialogue where he is defending himself from the accusations of corrupting the youth and not believing in the gods of Athens. He tells the court that these accusations are false and he does believe in the gods of Athens. He also tells them that he did not corrupt the youth, in fact the youth followed him on their own free will. According to Socrates the problem was that people who called themselves wise were not actually…

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  • What Is The Meaning Of The Apology By Plato

    Contradicting to the title The Apology by Plato is far from being an apology but more an ironic piece of literature that is used to mock the Athenian society and their belief. In The Apology, Plato recounts the events of Socrates, who is put to trial because of his “negative” influence and corruption against the youth of Athens. Furthermore, the trial takes place because his belief system went against that of the Athenian society. Socrates failed to recognize the “official” Gods recognized by…

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  • The Tragic Hero In Plato's The Apology

    In Plato’s The Apology, Socrates did not apologize in the modern use of the word. He was not apologetic at all and instead defended himself. While those around him did not agree with him, he stood his ground, even when this ultimately led to his death. The first figure similar to Socrates that comes to mind is Malcolm X. These men stood for what they believed in although they had so many enemies, the same enemies who eventually killed them. As Socrates stood before a jury of fellow Athenians,…

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  • Meaning Of Life In Socrates 'Apology'

    evaluating and focusing, on the conditions of the human soul, the meaning of life, and the path to happiness. In the Apology he reflects on his crime and as to why he is being charged with the corruption of the youth. Throughout the Apology it can become clear that though he knows he will be condemned to death, he continues to philosophize himself and the jury. Within the Apology Socrates speaks of a virtuous life, a life that is filled with knowledge and with the knowledge, that is gained one…

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  • Dignity In The Iliad In Socrates 'Apology'

    The way society views us, is a form of respect and dignity that almost everyone seeks. In Plato’s Five Dialogues: Apology, Socrates is being accused by the Athenian court for corrupting the youth and for not praising the Gods that the city is devoted to. He feels disrespected, but he does not lose his honor for and respect for philosophy. In order to uphold his position and defend himself, Socrates compares himself to Achilles, in the Iliad. He equips the reader with examples, and explains that…

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  • Euthyphro Apology And Crito Analysis

    Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito, written by Greek philosopher Plato, Socrates is faced with moral and ethical challenges. In Euthyphro, Socrates attempts to convince Euthyphro that prosecuting his father might be sacrilegious, despite his duty as a citizen to report any crime committed. Socrates questions Euthyphro on what he believes piety to be, as a way for Euthyphro to understand the alternatives to directly turning his father in. This is followed by Socrates trial in the Apology, where he is…

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