Disability Case Study: Rittenhouse Square

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Rittenhouse Square
Resident constituency
There are 120 people living in the building and 20% of them are couples. The average age is 55 to 60. 45 of them drive a car at least once a week. Most of residents don’t need walking assisting stuff. Three residents use a wheelchair regularly. Sixteen residents use a walking stick and two need a walker. Fifty residents bring their personal computers.
Now 60% of residents come from original and don’t move out of Rittenhouse since they moved in. People want to stay here.
There are four level rentals. 16% of residents are medium incomers.
Site design+typologies
Rittenhouse Square locates in the South Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhood is not very developed. The apartment building
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It cost about 75 to 80 dollars per square feet to create parking. Parking space is as limited as other places in Los Angeles and not all residents can get a parking space. 30% residents use public transportation such as buses and metro. Stairs and elevators occupy twenty percentage area of each floor.
In the central meeting room, heights of chair arms are lower than the surface of tables in order to provide good support and allow people to feel comfortable for a long time seating. (The height of table is 2 feet and 6 inches; the height of chair seat is 1 feet and 4 inches.) In addition, these custom chairs are easy to clean as well as can meet fire requirements.
Exercise room locates in the northern side of the building and it is not hot during daytime. It opens from 7 am to 8pm seven days a week. Laundry room opens 24 hours. There is a table inside the laundry room and residents can take a rest when they are waiting for their clothes ready, which also provides good social opportunities for people to talk with each
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For example, coffee time on Monday and Friday morning, exercise classes, Zumba class, computer class and movie night on Friday. Residents’ birthdays will be celebrated monthly too. These classes and activities create an excellent opportunity for senior residents to know each other and enlarge their social circles.

Burbank Artists Colony
There are some space for visitors to park and it is easy to identity where to park. There is no shelter over the entrance. Landscape around entrance area is pretty nice.
There is a reception desk in the lobby. Visitors and residents may feel warm when they enter into the lobby and someone will greet them. There many amazing art works on the wall. The stairs which connects lobby to second floor are very senior friendly. The height of each step is lower than standard height and there are three landings. Sofas are set up for seating in front of the elevator in the first floor, which is convenient for people who are waiting for the elevator.
There are 144 units and most of residents are in their 60s or 70s. Some residents are not from local and move to Burbank Artists Colony from further places. This is an independent senior living apartment, which means senior residents here don’t need medical assistance. There is no meal plan here

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