Pros And Cons Of Being A Young Professional

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Young professional refers to young people age at 20s and 30s years old that are employed in a profession or white-collar occupation. Young professional is a fresh college graduate who is seeking career advancement, financially secure and maintain busy social life.

In the early career stage of young professional who are not tied down to long-term commitment relationship, here are several housing choices for young professional.

Condo & Apartment

Apartment and condominium do not sound new to any of us. Both apartment and condominium form by a suite of rooms in one building. The major difference between apartment and condominium is the ownership of the unit. A person or company owns the entire of an apartment building, while individual owns
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The studio is functioning as kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Compare to other housing types, renting a studio is cheapest among all. The sizes of a studio can be as small as 300 square feet or as large as 600 square feet. Due to the limited space in a studio, it required some compromises in the living style. For example, a multifunctional futon sofa or foldable dining table will work excellent in the studio. It may be the right choice for young professional who needs an economical place to rent.

Professional Shared Room

Young professional that have busy work live and spend most of their time in office can consider professional shared room. It works just like roommate during the school year but roommates are in the professional field. They are no longer a student in school but go to work and earn living. They are looking for a roommate that can responsible for their own acts and enjoy quiet living space. Or, they are looking for someone who shares the same interest to live with so that they do not have to deal with roommate problems.

Cluster House

Cluster house shared the same characteristic of townhouse except cluster house separated from home on left or right by 10 inches or less. It is a group of houses live in a regular contact. The benefit is neighbors do look out for each other in the cluster house community. The common amenities cluster houses enjoy are a communal pool, recreation room, and

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