Case Study: Canton Mills Loft Apartment

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Canton Mills Loft Apartment
Canton Mills Loft Apartment is one of the interesting places located in Atlanta. The apartment transformed from Canton Cotton Mill factory that was known to be the largest cotton Mill located in the South (Moore 684). The loft apartment is an important establishment in Atlanta. Incidentally, the apartment not only acts as rentals but as an income generating source for the people in Atlanta as well as the region 's economy. The Canton Mill Loft Apartment is strategically located in that the residents have close proximity to other important places and social amenities such as healthcare institutions and business premises. Over the years, negative reviews and comments from the customers
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Canton Mill 's Loft Apartment benefits the economy of Atlanta through the provision of job opportunities for the people in the region. Job creation is an important element promoting Atlanta’s growth. O 'Connor implies that unemployment is associated with several social and economic costs that affect the unemployed individuals and the society as a whole (O 'Connor 618). Unemployment is known to result in increased cases of insecurity as the unemployed opt to engage in theft and other undesirable acts that pose a threat to the society as a whole. However, with the creation of employment opportunities, cases of unemployment are likely to reduce in that people will have desirable means of earning a living. As it is, the Loft apartment has created job opportunities for the people in the region, providing them with an income aspect that comes along with an element of security. Other than the income aspect, the creation of jobs by the Loft apartments has resulted in the production aspect. In this case, the employment offered by apartment has resulted in an increased production of the rental services offered in the region of Atlanta hence an increased revenue generation for the region 's economy through increased …show more content…
Some of the jobs created in the apartment for the benefit of the region 's economy include that of attendants, office managers, and accountants. The ripple effect of the existence of the apartment in the region is enjoyed by Atlanta and the state at large. Factually, the income obtained from the rental fee charges are taxed as required by the law for the benefit of the region as a whole. Furthermore, the existence of the apartment contributes towards the region’s economic activity based on the fact that the tenants in the apartments spend their disposable income on various commodities available within the vicinity of the apartment. Some of these commodities include clothing, food, healthcare and

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