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  • Equal Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    Since Francesca and Paolo engaged in a love affair upon their death they were sentenced to hell. When they received their judgement, they were sent to circle 2, the lustful. They were sentenced here because the both of them committed a sin through their love affair. Then upon speaking to Francesca she tells him about what she went through while she was alive and living her life with her husband. While speaking, she continues to shift blame on to others and not herself but she also speaks of how love is what drove her to this extent. “Love who no loved one pardons love’s requite, seized me for him so strongly in delight that, as you see, he does not leave me yet. Love drew us onwards to consuming death (Inf. V, 103-106). She argues that her passion had taken over her which led her to commit such a sin, leading to her and Paolo’s death. By the end of Francesca’s story, what really moved Dante was all which the both had endured. Out of pity, Dante even fainted, at the end of the canto and compared his falling to as falling for death. As Dante mentioned before, each sin deserves an equal punishment but as we noticed before when Dante first starts his journey he tends to feel pity for the souls and as they get further along in hell it doesn’t affect him anymore. If Dante knew that all these souls committed sins in their life leading them to send their afterlife in hell, why make himself and the reader feel pity for the souls. In canto V with Dante taking his time it then permits…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Renaissance

    The King of England, King Edward, claimed the French throne his own. The French apposed this claim. King Edward also angered the French with his possession of French territory. The French believed this endangered their policy of centralization. There was also dispute over control of French land known as Flanders. Flanders ' cloth industry depended on wool imported from England. In the Hundred Years ' War France had the advantage of fighting the war on their own turf, with a larger population,…

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  • Church Corruption In The Middle Ages Essay

    Italians decided to revolt and take control of their churches ("CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pope Gregory XI"). This shared distrust of one another between clergy and citizens caused the Great Schism in the power vacuum that appeared after the death of Gregory XI. During the Great Schism, John XXIII named himself Pope only one day after he was ordained as a priest, but he wasn't the only one claiming to power so there was a series of councils held to end the schism ("Antipope John XXIII"). The first…

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  • Pope Gregory VII: Gregorian Reform

    with Gregory he was excommunicated (1076).” Their argument was surrounded by the question on who had the right to appoint church officials. Being excommunicated by the pope drastically crippled Henry IV’s popularity, forcing him to ultimately plea to the pope at Canossa. Gregory chose to not involve himself in the civil war taking place in Germany, but spoke out against Henry when he knew that he was not cooperating with works for peace. Henry answered back with an imperial antipope. “When the…

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  • Impact Of Early Medieval Universities

    influencers of higher education During the High Middle Ages a rise in economic activity would come from a revival of trade that would occur from the rebuilding of old cities and creation of new cities that would be major urban centers throughout Europe. The rise in bigger cities led to people moving from a poor rural life to live a more “prosperous” life in the crowded Urban Centers of Europe (1) Urbanization of Europe is actually even concurrent with the rise in…

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  • Gilgamesh: The Role Of Authority In The Ancient World

    condition causes us to search for meaning greater than ourselves. Belief in the divine is as old as civilization itself, where many rulers drew authority from. Religion also has an authority of its own, but when combined with the state, a powerhouse appears. The Catholic Church of the medieval times is a prime example of this. The role that religion played in the life of the European was much more important and direct that it is now. The authority of God allowed the papacy to have a reign over…

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  • Donato Di Betto Bardi's Donatello: Early Italian Renaissance Artist

    creating imposing, larger-than-life figures using innovative techniques and extraordinary skills. His style incorporated the new science of perspective, which allowed the sculptor to create figures that occupied measurable space. Before this time, European sculptors used a flat background upon which figures were placed. Donatello also drew heavily from reality for inspiration in his sculptures, accurately showing suffering, joy and sorrow in his figures’ faces and body positions. Around 1425,…

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  • How Did Michelangelo Influence The Renaissance

    painting is in fact Lisa Gherardini. Another of the most remembered figures of the Renaissance was Michelozzo di Bartolomeo. His works, although heavily influenced by former mentor Brunelleschi, have been created to suit the most lavish lifestyles of the period. Michelozzo was born in 1396 in Florentine, Italy. He was most well-known for his work in architecture. He has designed numerous chapels, churches, and monastic buildings all over the city of Florence. He has worked with many other…

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  • Donatello Bronze David Analysis

    to the north door of the Baptistery of Florence Cathedral. Donatello received his payment in November of 1406 and early 1408. Between the years of 1415 and 1426 he had created five statues for the campanile of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, or commonly referred to as the Duomo. These works were entitled the Beardless Prophet; Bearded Prophet done both in 1415; the Sacrifice of Isaac done in 1421; Habbakuk done in 1423-25; and Jeremiah done in 1423-26. In 1425 he also created the very…

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