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  • Equal Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    characters into a new light that society had never seen them in before. For instance, in Canto 33 Dante and Virgil meet Count Ugolino or Ugolino della Gherardesca. While Francesca and Paolo not well-known, Ugolino was famed individual in politics. He was born into one of the most powerful families of 13th century Pisa. Ugolino was an important figure in the Sardinian Kingdom of Cagliari but, after the fall of the dynasty, Ugolino switched his alliances to the Guelf party and eventually returned to Pisa. Upon his return, he seen that Nino Visconti, his nephew had become quite large in the Pisan community. When Ugolino got in power he tried to break a political alliance that was created between Pisa, Florence, Genoa, and Lucca. The split that was created after Ugolino surrendered some castles created party divisions for him and Nino. Ugolino went to shelter himself under the Ghibelline party led by Archbishop Ruggieri who commanded exile of Nino Visconti, Ugolino’s own nephew. Ugolino even betrays his family if he is given the opportunity in remaining in power. “The fourteenth-century historian Giovanni Villani maintains that Ugolino also had his sister’s son, Anselmo di Capraia, poisoned for opposing him politically” (Lansing, 839). Upon gaining insight of Ugolino’s deeds of surrendering the castles the Archbishop began provoking the citizens of Pisa against Ugolino and eventually seized Ugolino and his sons. While imprisoned all three eventually die. In the canto 33 also…

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  • What Does The Wood Symbolize In Dante's Inferno

    Dante’s Inferno depicts the journey through the circles of Hell embarked upon by a character who shares his namesake, and his companion-guide Virgil. Throughout the nine circles he is met by various sinners of increasing degree. The punishments they receive are meant to be fitting and are therefore symbolic of the sins that were perpetrated above in the land of the living. Dante’s tale also includes the passage to hell in which he is met by creatures acting as a foreshadowing of what awaits…

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