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  • Reflection On Katrina Andrews

    health. There is mold growing on the side of the building, dirt, likely bugs that carry diseases, and the building is older so there is potential for lead poisoning. These are all environmental factors that can have detrimental affects on this mother’s child. The purpose of the visit was to discuss how the baby is doing. At the last doctor’s appointment, it was discovered that the baby has oral thrush and a diaper rash. The mother thought there was something bigger going on with the baby, but there was not so it caused discord between the mother and the doctor. For this reason, the nurse was trying to schedule the next appointment, a nine-month check up with the same physician, and the mother was unhappy. She voiced how she did not like the doctor and wanted another one, but the nurse convinced her to go back to this doctor with her a second time. I wish we could have focused on getting her an appointment with a different doctor, and some more resources for food, and clothes but hopefully that will be covered at a later appointment. My personal goals for this week at CC4C were: I will ask my preceptor about the ways, if any, to provide input into being a part of providing education before going to the first visit. If acceptable to preceptor, I will ask my client, one question about her child’s care/condition. I will ask my preceptor about improvements she thinks need to be made to the program by the end of the day. My Client goals for CC4C this week were: My client will be at…

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  • Personal Narrative: Not Broken, Just Bent

    Shortly after, another nurse entered the room and began to record my vital signs: blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate. She told me numbers that I did not understand and then left the room with the promise that the doctor would be in shortly. The paper covering the bed crinkled as I resumed fidgeting. The doctor entered the room a short time later and saved my father from my incessant movements. The doctor, a rotund man with a round abdomen and an even rounder face,…

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  • Dealers Of White Women French Scene Analysis

    across as insulting, the comedic values are still present and can be enjoyed by many. As many melodramas, the main focus of this play exists within the act of the play, act IV. The first french scene begins when the act starts and ends as Charlie walks into the room. This scene is labeled as “Doctor’s Hideout.” This scene involves the characters Carita and Doctor as they give background information to audience through dialogue. The objectives of each character is subtle in this french scene. In…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: Lessons Learn

    Lessons Learn In life I have faced many disappointments and downfalls in which I have learned many important lessons over the years. Yes, indeed it hurts and makes you very upset and want to not trust in someone never again because of something a person done to you before and you feel as if the next person is going to do the same thing towards you as they did. I have many disappointments in life that I have face but they only made me a stronger and wiser young lady even though when it had…

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  • Essay On What I Learned In English Class

    About six years ago, I moved to the United States together with my family. After having been here for one week, I started my ninth grade. I learned English in Vietnam for a couple years before moving. However, my skills weren’t good enough for me to understand and talk to my teachers and peers. I struggled for a long time to fit in. Everything to me was unfamiliar. Beside having a difficult time to understand the new language, I was also having a hard time to getting used to other aspects of the…

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  • My College Admissions Essay: My Journey To My Future Career

    Have you ever seen a two year old break his or her arm? Well, my brother and my neighbors have. One day, while I was playing with my brother and my neighbors, I lost my balance close to the curb and fell off the sidewalk. For the next six to eight weeks, I walked around in a cast having learnt my lesson. I feel like this experience sort of represents my life in a way. Sometimes when you 're not careful, you fall down but when you get up, you develop some experience and wisdom. From childhood, to…

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  • Narrative Essay About Finding My Angel

    Finding My Angel There is no real answers, why this happens or how it happens because there are no real signs. Many people go in the dark every day about it. We learn to lie, make excuses just to hide our very deadly secret. Everyone has their own reasons for why or how it started, everyone is different, but we are all headed down the same path to the same ending unless there is an angel hiding in the darkness along the way that will show us to the light at the end of the painful tunnel. I…

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  • Obstacles Can T Stop You Analysis

    “ obstacles can’t stop you, problems can 't stop you . Most of all , other people can 't stop you. The only one who stops you is yourself. “ - unknown. As we all go on throughout life there will always be people that try to bring you down and tell you you 're not good enough. We’ve all had those moments. Where people underestimate you. In a way I like when people underestimate me or the power of motivation and determination . See although they can say things to bring you down what they don 't…

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  • My Greatest Memories Essay

    ome of my greatest memories were of my learning in school. At the end of my second grade year, I was in a school bus accident. When I got to the hospital they said a had a head concoction, and needed to stay for testing to see how bad it was. I went to school with the ability to learn like all the other student, but came home with a long path to relearning all my school functions. My struggle through learning has been a lifelong process, through multiple programs, lots of encouragement, and a…

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  • Fieldtrips Training Report

    • Discuss activities, priorities and study techniques. Varner 16 Ninth Grade: • Handout new journals. • Discuss summer and how they utilized learning. • Reinforce thinking outside the box, leadership and the importance of correctly communication. • Discuss different styles of communication and why it is important. • Re-Take personality tests. • Review grades and schedules. • Review prior results with new results and discuss. • Invite speakers into our group. • Give student leadership…

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