The Trends Of Academic Performance And Student Learning Outcomes

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A. Trends and Benchmarks
In this section I will discuss the academic performance trend of our educational institution in relation to three benchmarks of academic performance and student learning outcomes. The principal at our educational institution mentioned three benchmarks that we use to assess our student learning outcomes. They are the ACT, the three institutional benchmark assessments used three times throughout the year, and the end of the year assessment called SAGE.
The first benchmark assessment mentioned by our school principal is the ACT assessment. The data shows a trend of student scores dealing with math, English or language arts, and science that have flat lined from 2010 through 2016. This means that student scores have
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These benchmark assessments assess both language arts and math learning outcomes in preparation for the end of year assessment that is used to assess student proficiency and growth in math, language arts, and science. The data shows that the trends for students vary from grade to grade. For example, seventh grade benchmark data shows that scores were similar from benchmark to benchmark throughout the entire year of 2015-2016 for all assessed subject areas. Data shows that the scores for eighth graders vary from benchmark to benchmark throughout the year in all subject areas. Ninth grade through tenth grade scores in all subject areas remained very close to the same percentage. However, in eleventh grade the benchmark scores in assessed subject areas had huge variances form benchmark to benchmark.
The third benchmark used by our educational institution to assess student learning outcomes and trends is the end of year assessment called SAGE. The SAGE assessment addresses both student growth and proficiency in math, language arts, and science. The trend on the SAGE assessment over the past several years according to the data, is the proficiency rate is growing and if the proficiency rate is growing the growth rate will soon go up as
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I used to think that our educational institution evaluated and assessed students too much. But over the past few years, I have noticed that our students need to be evaluated and assessed to allow students and teacher to see where they are at in regards to the tested subject areas of math, language arts, and science. I have gained the insight of the importance of checking students periodically to help them see their progress and learning outcomes. The benchmark assessments let students know where they are and help them know what they need to do to improve or maintain their scores and successes on benchmark

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