Reflection On Katrina Andrews

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Tuesday, November 3rd: Today I was with Katrina Andrews, a nurse with CC4C in High Point. During this day we went to one meeting, and two home visits. The meeting was for members from each area working with children to meet up and discuss any changes and updates that need to be shared among the team. The first home visit was for setting up social security benefits and the second home visit was a check-in with the family. The first home visit was with a mother who came to the U.S. two years ago. She lives in a fairly nice home with her boyfriend who is the father of her child. She is legally blind, still struggles with English and her daughter has Autism. It took the mother a while to accept that her daughter has Autism. My nurse was telling …show more content…
These are important skills because if you don’t address the clients main concern or their emotional problems instead of just physical, the client may not be able to learn. As we learned in community nursing, you always go with that is the biggest problem to the client, not what you perceive to be the biggest problem. Sometimes the client will not always voice what their biggest problem is, which is why it takes keen observation and open ended questions to discover the client’s real need(s).
My personal goals for next week at CC4C are: I will ask my preceptor about the ways, if any, to provide input into being a part of providing education before going to the first visit. If acceptable to preceptor, I will ask my client, one question about her child’s care/condition. I will ask my preceptor about improvements she thinks need to be made to the program by the end of the day. My Client goals for CC4C next week are: My client will be at their doctor’s visit. My client will have not been to the ER within two months. My client will ask for one service, which he or she can use by the end of the home

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