Ninth grade

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  • Fieldtrips Training Report

    • Discuss activities, priorities and study techniques. Varner 16 Ninth Grade: • Handout new journals. • Discuss summer and how they utilized learning. • Reinforce thinking outside the box, leadership and the importance of correctly communication. • Discuss different styles of communication and why it is important. • Re-Take personality tests. • Review grades and schedules. • Review prior results with new results and discuss. • Invite speakers into our group. • Give student leadership responsibilities. • Really began to focus on different styles of leadership: Transactional and Transitional leadership styles. • Discuss different forms of leadership power: coercive power, reward power, charismatic power, expert power and legitimate power (Leadership Management, Bertocci) • Introduce Human Resource Learning. Varner 17 10th Grade: • Hand out new journals • Discuss summer and how learning was utilized • Focus on Human Resources skills including the interview process, job search, resume writing, and other aspects of employment needs. • Review grades and schedules. • Began to discuss plans for life after high…

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  • The Trends Of Academic Performance And Student Learning Outcomes

    These benchmark assessments assess both language arts and math learning outcomes in preparation for the end of year assessment that is used to assess student proficiency and growth in math, language arts, and science. The data shows that the trends for students vary from grade to grade. For example, seventh grade benchmark data shows that scores were similar from benchmark to benchmark throughout the entire year of 2015-2016 for all assessed subject areas. Data shows that the scores for…

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  • How Music Has Impacted My Life

    Music has been an essential part and larger than expected role in my life since elementary school. It has given me many opportunities I could have never even dreamt of and has given me the ability to impact the lives of others. Music became a part of my life when I first started playing the viola at Luther Memorial School in the fifth grade. I continued playing throughout middle school and now attend Cleveland School of the Arts, where I have been able to perform countless times and have had…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Kathleen Gregg's High School

    Overall it was a much different experience, and she saw the new school as a negative. The school was large with 2400 kids, and to make matters worse, it started in 9th grade, not tenth grade like the school in the desert. Their background lead to clicky, aloof, richer, more sophisticated people. Which made socializing more difficult, and unpleasant. The school was also more rigorous, competitive, and academically challenging, so she didn't have time for the her favorite activity, swimming... …

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  • Personal Narrative: My Reputation

    Ninth grade was probably the hardest year of school I 've ever had. The work was one thing but I made it even more hard on myself than it should have been. I made some horrible choices that year and have learned from that experience luckily. I don 't exactly regret my choices at all actually, because if they never happened then I wouldn 't be the person I am right now, but I still look back on them wondering what I was even thinking. My reputation is basically ruined and I 'm still currently…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Girlfriend

    but this is how it all started. On August 11th, 2011, I became best friends with a special person. His name was William. He had been there before for me whenever my silly young age relationship ended. Then, Unexpectedly in sixth grade I started riding his bus. We would talk and talk, and sometimes I didn’t even realize that we had stopped at the middle school to drop off the younger kids. Our conversations would go from our day before to our plans for the weekend. He made me forget…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: Lessons Learn

    and just wasn’t as close to him as I was because of all the lies he would tell me. I would feel as if my dad was showing favor telisme because I was the only child that live in Thomasville while my brother and sister live in Valdosta where he was staying at. So, I just stop caring and calling him so much and then he came around and started to change just a little but I was happy because of that because my dad and I are because I have graduated from high school and now on to college trying to get…

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  • My College Admissions Essay: My Journey To My Future Career

    go to Dawson for imaging diagnosis or Vanier for respiratory therapist. I chose two jobs in medicine because that is the field of study that I am the most interested in. If I were to choose between radiologist technician and respiratory therapist I would most likely choose respiratory therapist. The reason why is because I think that I would get more freedom and I can help someone directly as opposed to just taking a picture to help them. In twenty years from now, I will be thirty-five and…

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  • My Greatest Memories Essay

    ome of my greatest memories were of my learning in school. At the end of my second grade year, I was in a school bus accident. When I got to the hospital they said a had a head concoction, and needed to stay for testing to see how bad it was. I went to school with the ability to learn like all the other student, but came home with a long path to relearning all my school functions. My struggle through learning has been a lifelong process, through multiple programs, lots of encouragement, and a…

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  • A Day When I Became Me Analysis

    people in India I lived with my mother and father, while my brother was in another country finishing his higher studies, who used to visit us often during his vacations. It was the perfect little family, until the day when I had to make a decision which changed my life and made me who I am today. It all started on July 21st, 2010, when I came to United States for the first time with my family for me and my brother’s studies. Me, my brother, Mom and Dad used to live at one of our relatives house…

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