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  • Ramen Essay

    The Ramen Diet It 's almost midnight and you 're still up studying. You hear your stomach rumble and you just realize you haven 't eaten yet. There 's not enough time for you to cook something up and you don 't want to eat a snack. The perfect solution, ramen. In a few minutes your cup noodles are ready for you to eat. Have you ever noticed that a lot of students tend to eat cup ramen more than other foods? They 're on this budget called the ramen diet. Ramen first appeared in Japan in 1910, when Chinese cooks, at a restaurant in Tokyo, tried to make a signature dish using broth and Chinese noodles. Chinese noodles are more yellow and elastic then Japanese noodles. Their dough was kneaded with kansui, a sodium carbonate infused mineral water.…

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  • Case Study On Maggi

    2015, India’s Food safety administration (FDA) ordered Nestle India to recall its popular 2-minute Maggi noodles after tests showed that the product contained high levels of lead and MSG. The recall was followed by a ban on Maggi by most states of India. It was a precarious situation for Maggi as its most selling brand was facing heat and the whole reputation of Nestle was at stake. This case presents the development of the situation, the reaction of Nestle & how the situation could have been…

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  • Fast Food Contribute To Obesity

    Fast food has been around for some time. Many people say it’s the only thing that contributes to obesity in America. But, is it? Around three years ago, many fast food chains were promising that they would try to contribute to help fight Childhood obesity. Although it was promised, studies have shown they have fell through with their promise. They’re not fighting like they should. I believe that more things other than fast food contribute to obesity, but fast food is cheaper than buying healthy…

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  • The Benefits Of Williams Dining Hall

    Everyone has been hungry. There has been that one day, or one time where you could not just go into the refrigerator or the freezer and make something to eat. When parents send children to college, the parents believe that the good money they have paid will allow their children, the students who walk these halls, to eat satisfying food. This food, although not the healthiest, will allow the students to have a positive, productive college career as they matriculate through North Carolina…

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  • Just Eat Short Story

    deliveries from over 30,000 restaurants in cities like Manchester, London and Birmingham. Sister Companies Just Eat has food delivery companies operating around the world. The sister organisations include HungryZone and *********************************************************************************…

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  • The Impact Of Food Consumption: Kill Or Save The Planet?

    Food Consumption: Kill or Save the Planet? “Eating is an agricultural act,” stated Wendell Berry in his article “The Pleasure of Eating” (630). However, it is also an ecological act. By rushing, people do not even think what they eat, how the food is made, and how this production affects the environment. Practically, we eat whatever food producers “put” in our mouths, but many manufacturers do not care about the harm caused by such production; their main concern is to generate a profit.…

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  • The Importance Of Food And Unhealthy Food

    When everything a person needs can be so easy to obtain its hard to notice just how much quality is being put into the high quantity of product we are able to receive. This is especially true when it comes to the food that Americans eat. Although much of American society believe that they can trust food companies to sell them a quality product it can be nearly impossible for people to know what exactly is being given to them and whether or not it is actually good for them. This can be pointed…

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  • Internet Of Things Strategic Analysis

    Because of high cost of Android tablet and related Internet services, the price of smart oven is much higher than the traditional type and is around $10,000 (Clark, 2014). Therefore, smart oven should take differentiation strategy. Mobile App services: Beside the basic function of baking food, users can download receipts through the app. These receipts are written by experienced chefs or other users. The receipts will be categorized by complexity from easy to hard, or by targeting people such as…

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  • Chipotle Crisis Management Plan

    behind us and can place our full energies to implementing our enhanced food safety plan that will establish Chipotle as an industry leader in food safety." Ells also stated that "We are extremely focused on executing this program, which designs layers of redundancy and enhanced safety measures to reduce the food safety risk to a level as near to zero as is possible. (Kline,…

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  • Analysis Of The Hunger-Free Kids Act

    Canned fruits and vegetables, contrary to belief, have the almost the exact same amount of nutrients as their fresh counterparts. Salt and sugar levels can be controlled by providing the little-to-no salt vegetable options and 100% fruit juice or water packed fruit options(It All Matters!). Barbara Klein, Ph.D., Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois, and Rhonda Kaletz, M.S. of the University of Illinois confirm in their study Nutrient Conservation in…

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