Robert Kenner Food Inc. Analysis

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Option 1: In the documentary Food, Inc., Robert Kenner presents his thesis with many examples of what is being done to our food source and how people are being trapped by the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal and the low cost alternative of an unhealthy drive-thru meal. The United States Government has taken control of our food source and allowed it to be genetically modified; the food has had harmful effects on our bodies, but it has become time and cost prohibitive to eat healthier alternatives. Mr. Kenner does an excellent job showing proof of the laws that have protected the food industry from public knowledge of their practices in the unhealthy ways that it is producing our food. Laws have been passed to prevent proper labeling …show more content…
I believe Kevin’s death was a direct result of the FDA not doing its job regulating and overseeing farmers and it was negligent in preventing the spread of E. coli. I truly believe the FDA did not intend for Kevin to die; however, that does not excuse their negligence. They must be held accountable or more children will die as a result. I believe the FDA should be held both criminally and civilly responsible for this in the same way that a driver would be responsible for hitting a pedestrian even if he did not intend to kill …show more content…
In the film it shows the example of a family going through a drive-thru and ordering a meal. Then, the same family goes to the grocery store and tried to spend the same amount of money for a healthy meal. They could not buy a hot meal for the same price. By the time they got the ingredients they had spent more money and they had not gone home to start cooking it yet. Similarly, when hungry one can go through Wendy’s and get a junior cheeseburger deluxe for less than a dollar-fifty and drink the water out of a water bottle that is refilled from a refrigerator door. One is full when finished eating a take-out hamburger without having to shop, cook or waste water cleaning the dishes. One can eat for under two dollars at McDonalds, Burger King, or Taco Bell as well. This is such a shame because most people would prefer to eat a healthy meal, but cannot get a hot and healthy meal at a drive through for less than two dollars.
One alternative is to purchase cheap processed food like bagel bites or frozen dinners. This is cheap, but the preservatives and added chemicals make it equally unhealthy. Ethically, are we trading our health for convenience or more money by having both parents in the work force? I would say we are trading everything wholesome for the “I want it all and I want it yesterday,

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