Example Of A Narrative Textual Analysis

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I remember growing up in small low-class apartment in the city of Toronto. I was born the youngest. I had one brother and one sister there were twins and two years older than me. My parents were either working or cooking us food. My sibling and I used to sit on the sofa watching cartoons while my parents were cooking for us. When the food was ready, we had to go eat on the dining table with everyone. I was fortunate to have parents that could cook delicious food but even more a dad that could cook better than my mom.

The city for Toronto is a multicultural city with all kinds of people. I grew up and went to school with all kind of races.my friends and I always used compete against each other in basketball, soccer, football, and track.
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I told my parents that I was out of shape because of all the fast food I was eating. My parents did not find anything wrong with being a little overweight, but for me it meant being slower. Since my parents worked so much, they did not have known how they were going cook and work. I went to school and asked my coach what kind of food I should eat and how much. He gave a food pyramid and showed me how to read it. When I went home that day, I told my parents that they would not have to cook for me every day but they can help me meal prep. My parents cooked grilled chicken, vegetables and brown rice and put it into 5 containers. I started eating clean for 2 months but the weight only went down by five pounds but I still could not fit into my Kobe jersey. I went to my coach again and this time I told him I was following the diet but still not in shape. He asked me what do I drink and I told him my parents buy a lot of pop because my siblings loved it. My coach started laughing because I went on a diet, and I was still drinking pop. He told me that I should drink a lot of water each day, and not pop. I tried to drink water a lot but it tasted like nothing. I found myself being dehydrated because I was not I was not drinking enough water throughout the day. I told my parents about my problem and they bought a food bender. I started bending all types of fruits and vegetables. The …show more content…
I was lucky to have a coach that wanted to see me do better but even more parents that wanted to help. My parents worked long hours just to buy me and my sibling whatever we wanted. They helped me meal prep every week after they came back from work even though they were tired. My parents saw how much of a different my diet was making so they started eating the same food as me. They saw a change in their weight too. Now looking back I see how much my parents cared about us and how they would do anything to make us happy. They spoiled us bought us everything we ever wanted. One day I hope I can be just as amazing as

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