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    Nivkh case study The process of globalization, and earlier the colonization, influenced not only political and economic map of the world, but the language spread and existence all over the world. Linguists admit that languages tend to vanish and die. Jack Hitt (2004) outline that half of the languages, which currently exist in the world, will disappear by the end of this century. The UNESCO report, completed by Matthias Brenzinger and Tjeerd de Graaf, emphasize that “up to 90 % of the world’s languages may well be replaced by dominant languages by the end of the twenty first century” (p. 1), which means that there will remain less than a thousand of languages out of seven thousand present in the world nowadays. What happens to languages…

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    traditions and culture in the Northern part of Hokkaido, Northern part of Honshu (the main island of Japan), and the Kuril Islands which are the Chishima for Japanese. The settlements of Ainu were called ainu mosir, which meant, the great peaceful land, and located near the ocean. Their method of earning was fishing and hunting. Their languages were totally different from Japanese which distinguish them from Japanese. The history and origin of Ainu is still unknown because there are no writings…

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