History Of Ainu As Indigenous People Of Japan

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Register to read the introduction… Japanese public were not known about the traditions of Ainu and their culture. Ainu was the symbols of ignorant by the government of Japan for many years. The policies and behavior of government made Ainu as invisible status. The major issue in the twenty first century is the protection of rights of indigenous people over the entire world. United Nations also draw attention for the protection, education, clothing, advancement and other sources for the indigenous people. The word Ainu is compared with Kamuy for gods meaning people and human. In the thirteenth century, Ainu settled their traditions and culture in the Northern part of Hokkaido, Northern part of Honshu (the main island of Japan), and the Kuril Islands which are the Chishima for Japanese. The settlements of Ainu were called ainu mosir, which meant, the great peaceful land, and located near the ocean. Their method of earning was fishing and hunting. Their languages were totally different from Japanese which distinguish them from Japanese. The history and origin of Ainu is still unknown because there are no writings found which tell about their exact origin and history. The Ainu showed their documented appearance in the twelfth century in the dynasty of China (Yuan). The record found of people living in Sakhalin. The indigenous people of Northern Sakhalin called The Nivkh, fighting against Ainu …show more content…
Sharon Bohn Gmelch and Reuel Daniels described that the internet provided service to indigenous people, which was not available previously. Internet is also serving Ainu to improve their economy by becoming a part of the global economy through online resources present on the internet. Indigenous people are not pressurized by any community today to be a part of information technology and use their own terms.
In my opinion, Internet is the best service to mankind. Indigenous people are closed to the world with the help of internet. They want to be part of this world. They want to trade and earn money like other people in the world. The Ainu has same beliefs as people of Japan in order to make their lives comfortable. Ainu has learned to use internet. They are using internet for the promotion of their cultural heritage, traditions, life style and other political issues. They want people to know about them. They are spreading their message through internet and website sources.

Internet is serving indigenous people. Ainu and other indigenous people should have facilities of internet in their hometowns in order to express themselves in front of this modern world.


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