Importance Of Internet And Globalization

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The internet backbone and globalization
The world revolves around communication which is the main driver in business and international relations. Though there are many methods in which people can communicate, the world has an insatiable need for effective and timely communication. It is this need that has seen many developments in a bid to improve communication such as the telegraph and the telephone. However, the discovery of the internet took communication to a highly different level that has seen the world become smaller with the effectiveness of that communication, globalization. Therefore, the internet can be said to be a midwife to globalization because it has in many ways continued to enhance its existence.
The internet and its development
The internet has been inexistence for some time where it has affected many people differently as well as the technology that drives it. The internet is described as the global network that combines millions of computers that as interlinked in order to facilitate the exchange of data, opinions and other everyday aspects of life such as business. Therefore, the internet has revolutionalized international trade which is the background upon which globalization is founded.
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The use of the internet has faced many challenges such as the required infrastructure but in many ways it has achieved more than it was planned for. On the other hand, the internet has been criticized for its overreliance as the ‘only’ source of achieving globalization. In order to marry the two, many innovation organizations have been working to bring out many positives as well as eradicating negative perceptions associated with its use (Mandel and Irene 76

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