The Importance Of Globalization In The World

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Globalisation’ has become a very common word in our vocabulary in recent years, and most people have at least a vague idea of what it means. It has many definitions, but loosely translated, globalisation is the process by which people, their cultures, money, goods and information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers . With the world’s economies merging into each other, a global culture has formed and many people now recognise the importance of globalisation in shaping their current lifestyles. In the past, one country would have been dominated by its own culture and traditional lifestyle, but in the modern era with globalisation causing the integration of economies; it is possible to see a mix of traditions and ideas in one culture. This has caused significant changes to occur in many societies, with many cultures adapting according to international standards. This in turn has caused changes in consumer lifestyles, thinking patterns, food and drink, technology, and even fashion. …show more content…
It has helped increase trade patterns, develop communications and transport across nations and some would go as far as to tell that it has helped inter-relationships between countries. But with economic change, social change has also occurred with societies transforming according to international standards, and in return individual lives being affected. There has been a trickle-down effect with economic and social change in the big picture and changes in individualistic lifestyles, habits and traditions.
There are several factors which have aided the rapid growth of globalisation. These factors have caused the process of globalisation to take place in the first place, but also to speed up.
1. Developments in technology and transport

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