The Pros And Cons Of Nike's Economic Globalization

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Research Paper Globalization

Economic globalization has escalated over the years more rapidly than anyone ever expected. The invention of new technological improvements, services and businesses is creating a major impact for the increasing trade of good and services amongst other countries. Globalization is the worldwide movement toward goods, services, technology and capital, it is countries trading internationally, establishing business between other countries for financial or specific resources. states globalization is likewise a major importance of the exchange of ideas and ideologies throughout worldwide cultures. There are various advantages and disadvantages that come with international trade and by the end of the essay
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Therefore, what is the opportunity cost that comes with Nike choosing the work labor in another country versus work labor in America. First the laws and wages of society range widely different in various countries, other countries like China, Philippines, and Indonesia are willing to do the work for a cheaper cost because of the cost of living in another country or simply because they require the money at any cost due to their poor economy. Secondly big companies like Nike avoid paying higher prices in the product, so they can buy the material to make the merchandise for cheaper in another country and charge you what you think are good low prices but for them is a good profit. The other side the opportunity cost is that Nike will state it creates jobs for thousands of people in poor economies, it creates a relationship with struggling economies and brings business flow to that country or that it even gives the country recognition due to the big label name it carries throughout the world. The choice is obvious for Nike but are they doing this trade ethical once again? When …show more content…
Did they take globalization to far or did the pros of creating jobs and business in the country outweigh that dilemma? Efficiency was definitely served in my eyes although in an unethical way, but then again to them it doesn’t affect them so why stop it if it only affects a country who is already struggling. What I think of the ongoing debate towards globalization is that something must be done. Something must be done because the disadvantages and advantages are to separate and one defiantly outweighs the other by a great deal. If we glimpse back Nike created poor working conditions, created poor wages, created thousands of American jobs to be lost all for a consumer to save a couple dollars on a product and generate a dramatic profit for the company. Of course jobs were created in a poor economy, but I don’t believe companies who utilities globalization helped out the country more instead they overused the country and falsely claimed they were helping them out, but with what they make profitably they make no dent in improving the country for the global

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