Positive Impact Of Internet Essay

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The Internet is global network that allows you to connect to the world. In 2006, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock had given speech on Internet at Infocom. It includes – the situation before Internet was invented, how internet was invented, brief overview on Arpanet (beginning and growth), what all barriers had been removed after using internet, early pioneers, implementers contributions, some good and some dark sides of Internet, his future vision about internet and five golden guidelines to research.
He has defined Internet by using example of Larry Garwood and his father. This interprets that Internet makes possible for people to do their work on net, the culture of openness and sharing ideas and the community which brings people together of same
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One of the major positive impacts of Internet is the easy access to information about all kind topics. Online reference books and dictionaries replace the way to the bookshop or to the library. You can also find information on Internet which is very new and book does not exist yet. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it, even if you want to have very specific information, you will find it in short time. For example, electronic media details – Television, Mobile phones specification. Furthermore, you can read daily newspapers from all over the world on internet, you don’t need to have newspaper. Internet plays a big role for finding the job. For example, you can upload your resume on Naukri.com, Monster.com. Free music, free softwares are available on the Internet. You just have to download the program whatever you want. Even we can buy software and music on Internet. For that we don’t need to go to store. We can buy any product easily on Internet. For example, Amazon.com. We can sale any product easily on Internet. For example, Craigslist.org. We don’t need to go to customer’s place to sale a product. Another major positive impact of Internet is communication. We can communicate to people on Internet easily. For examples, Social Networking Sites (SNS) – Facebook. We can do video conferences, business meetings on Internet. For examples, Skype, Facetime. We use Internet to send email, to …show more content…
One of the big negative impact of Internet is virus. Sometimes you are not sure whether you have downloaded a virus or it is a hoax. Virus can break your operating system and you could lose your data. To have more security you have to install a firewall and need to buy anti-virus programs and update them regularly. Children are often badly influenced by the Internet. They should know how to use it and how to get information. Another major negative impact of Internet is security. As Internet can be used for communication, it can also become major factor to leak photo, information. These photos and information may be used in wrong way. While chatting on Internet, we frequently use abbreviations, uncompleted sentences and so on. This leads to speaking disabilities in everyday life. Sometimes Internet cause loneliness as you meet your friends on Internet, you do shopping on Internet. Another major negative impact of Internet is privacy. Hackers can hack your computer and get your personal and confidential data. They may use this information in wrong

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