Viginette Case Study

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Case Study Viginette

One of the wonderful things brought about by science and technology is the use of Internet. Internet is a mechanism which makes the lives of people more diverse, colorful and richer. Through the Internet, people are able to find more jobs and opportunities in foreign shores. Communication on a daily basis is also made easier because of e-mails and other instant messaging software and programs. Further, social networking websites allow relatives in faraway land to connect with their loved ones completely. These are just few of what Internet can give people. However, looking on the other side of the spectrum gives us the knowledge and understanding that Internet does not always provide people with good things. Somehow,
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For the purposes of this paper, I will be discussing the treatment goals and plan that will help Leader X to overcome his addiction. I will also include in my discussion how I will handle the request of Leader Y on his yearning to obtaining the information concerning Leader X.

Counseling Leader X

People have a high regard with church leaders. The latter are always viewed to be persons who live holy lives because they minister souls, leads a church, and preach God’s word every now and then. However, this perception does not mean that church leaders are not capable of sinning. Humans as they are, they too, are susceptible of what human flesh can direct them to do. When Leader X approached me and confessed that he has been viewing pornography, I have thought of certain treatment goals and plans that would help him overcome his addiction. The steps are shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. How to Break Porn Addiction by Gilkerson (2008) Leader X must understand that pornographic addiction is a never-ending cycle. Hence, he should be able to know how the cycle usually starts. Through this, he is able to
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It is important to determine these ethical dilemmas because it is through this that counselors and therapists are able to make ethical choices which are necessary for their work. The decisions they make can greatly affect their clients (Schneider & Levinson, 2005). Aside from that, it is the call of their profession to make wise decisions to set precedents even if it means making a difficult choice. Hence, counselors and therapists should not take their responsibility lightly. Schneider and Levinson (2005) believe that these people must always strive to do the right

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