Internet Access Is Not A Human Right Essay

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In his article entitled “Internet Access Is Not a Human Right” published on the website of The New York Times on 4 January 2012, Vincent G. Cerf, a vice president and chief Internet evangelist for Google, presents his perspective on a controversial issue regarding access to the Internet. He argues that access to the Internet should not be accepted as a human right, “it’s just a tool to achieve those rights.” According to Internet World Stats (2014), over a third of the world’s population are accessing the Internet as a part of their everyday life. This proves that the Internet plays numerous significant roles in society. It makes our lives easier and more convenient than in the past, by providing information, education, communication, business, and freedom of expression. Therefore, some people are requiring for access to the Internet to be accessible throughout the world. Nonetheless, others disagree, thus lead to a controversial issue. For those who consider access to the Internet to be a negative thing consider this, the Internet allows us to access information, to communicate, and to express ourselves; is this …show more content…
Internet access should be considered a human right since over a third of the world’s population, more than 2.8 million people, use it (Internet World Stats, 2014). This number proves that the Internet plays many important roles in our everyday life. Moreover, not only computers, but also mobile phones, tablets, and other devices now connect to the Internet, therefore the Internet is attainable to everyone anywhere. Unlike other devices such as radio or television, the Internet does not provide only information, but it also allows people to exchange their expression, opinion, education, and connection. This means that the Internet is a revolutionary device that helps people to achieve the goal of human

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