Analysis Of Jodi Corbitt's Diet

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It is without any doubt that if people were to eat processed and harmful foods, such as fats and sugars, their bodies would most likely react very poorly and become at risk for harmful diseases. But Jodi Corbitt’s diet was not full of fats and sugars. In 2010, 47-year-old Jodi Corbitt decided it was time for the anti-depressant medication to be thrown away. She wanted to change her diet due to her battle of depression for many years. Corbitt stopped eating wheat and grains, which had resulted in weight loss and her lifelong battle of depression. While consuming foods full of fats and sugars may be satisfying for some, the nutrition in processed and sugary foods have a huge impact on mental health. If we consume foods that lack the proper nutrition our bodies need, then we will most likely feel very tired and lazy throughout the day. It’s important to know how to make the right food choices for how we want to be affected and to know foods we should be aware of for depression and anxiety. Corbitt stated, “It was like a veil lifted and I could see life more clearly. It changed everything”. Although Corbitt’s diet had …show more content…
When under stressful circumstances, it is important to eat foods that have a mineral called magnesium. Magnesium is a calming agent that helps to reduce stress and is found is pumpkin seeds and leafy greens. Foods loaded with vitamin B help to keep an amino acid level in the body low in order for a person to maintain happiness. Examples of foods with vitamin B are fish and poultry, egg yolks, and beans. People need energy throughout the day to help them get through work and school. Seafood and spinach are filled with iron to help raise energy levels. For staying focused throughout the day, seeds and nuts are high in omega-3 fats for concentration. Food consumption highly affects our mood, because it is a way to fuel our bodies for

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