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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Journalist

    but luckily I was over it thanks to my doctor, Dr. Merle. I was relieved to know that my reports were normal; just then my boss knocked on my office door and peeked in. My office was located behind the recording studio and three doors away from my boss’s office, Mr. Kim. Or should I say, “The man who is as dead as a corpse.” I liked my office; it had black furniture, dark blue walls and a large lamp that held its place in the corner and hovered over my desk. “Serena, in my office now!” raged Mr. Kim. I was perplexed because Mr. Kim has never spoken to me in this tone. I walked behind Mr. Kim as we both made our way to his spacious office, he asked me to take a seat while he stood staring out his window to view the beautiful city of Manhattan. “I heard you and Rachel are still at war. Due to your feud, I have not been able to decide which one of you should be appointed senior reporter. You and Rachel argue constantly, which distracts the other employees and together you ladies are not able to broadcast any news. Serena I expect better from you.” said Mr. Kim disappointed as he turned around to face me. “Mr. Kim I have been working for this position day and night, I am not going to let a rival take this position from me. Rachel and I are at war because of her attempt to embarrass me in front of the entire office. On top of that she had the courage to steal my boyfriend. She cannot get away with this” I said desperately hoping Mr. Kim would understand things from my…

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  • Ghosn Leadership Essay

    Carols Ghosn has had an amazing career as he moved up the career ladder from Michelin to Renault to Renault-Nissan. Specifically, he became a formal leader or CEO, which is authority given to an individuals based on their hierarchical position within the firm (Spector, 2013, p. 153). But just because someone has the title, does not mean that they are efficient or effective as leaders. The following essay will discuss the strengths and weakness of Mr. Ghosn approach to change leadership at…

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  • Reading The Catsuit: Serena Williams And The Game Changer In Tennis

    I have decided to write a response paper to Jamie Schultz’s: “Reading the Catsuit: Serena Williams and the Production of Blackness at the 2002 U.S. Open.” I really enjoyed reading her journal and all the opinions regarding Serena William’s infamous catsuit. Although there are some negative opinions regarding Williams’ choice of outfit and the way she presents herself, but she has challenged the normative white identity in women’s tennis. She has pushed the boundaries not only in tennis, but also…

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  • Maria Sharapova Essay

    all athletes to have meldonium in their system, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) decided to place the drug on the prohibited substances list in September 2015, effective January 2016. Originally prescribed mildronate as “a cardio-protective agent and as a preventative agent for diabetes,” Sharapova began taking the drug in 2006 under the name “meldonium” (Newman). Sharapova’s performance prior to her use of mildronate in 2006 serves to refute the idea that she took the drug as a performance…

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  • Nissan Swot Analysis

    research demonstrate about the marketing management used by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. It contain the description about the company, role of marketing, the segmentation of their market and their target group and their marketing instruments (4P 's) used and also their SWOT analysis of the company. As we all now Nissan is the Japanese company which is the second largest manufacturer of automobile company in Japan after Toyota. Nissan is mother brand under which it has two other brand Infiniti and…

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  • 3-D Carbon Case Study

    differentiated position by being the first in the market with its versatile, strong and fast 3-D printed parts will generate high price premiums and enjoy more power in the market place. Thus, Carbon can position itself as a premium brand providing multipurpose and fast 3-D printing capabilities by means of its innovative M1 machine and can cater to businesses requiring sturdy and heat resistant printed parts that are otherwise possible to manufacture. Auto industry superhero Carlos Ghosen has…

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  • Best Tennis Player

    She has 3 at the Australian Open, 2 at the French Open, 9 at Wimbledon and 4 at the U.S. Open. Turning pro in 1975 and retiring in 1994, Navratilova was a true force of nature when it came to playing tennis. Of course, being one of the best, she got inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2000. Weeks spent at the top of the rankings Probably the second best way to determine which are the best players of all time in this sport, is the number of weeks they were ranked number one. Even here,…

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  • Cristiano Epstein: Sports Should Be Child's Play

    (“’Coordination’”). Playing a sport also helps children to improve their attention and focus as well as motor skills (“’Coordination”’). It is certainly not too early for a child to participate in a sport that can benefit their bodies and much more. A child who is involved in just one sport does not benefit any less than a child who is involved in multiple. Epstein urged children to avoid hyper-specialization which means to stay away from being dedicated to one particular sport. Epstein…

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  • Lack Of Diversity In Tennis Essay

    African-American to accomplish many achievements in the tennis world, she made it easier for other black players to join the sport professionally. Currently, two of the most famous tennis players are Venus and Serena Williams. Both Venus and Serena have earned the World No.1 ranking by the Women’s Tennis Association for their single and doubles rankings. However, the Williams sisters often face racial backlash from spectators. Most notably, in 2001 Venus Williams and her father Richard Williams…

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  • The Meaning Of Serena Williams Analysis

    perfectly describes the idea of ‘Black Excellence’. For the black community, the joy in celebrating this excellence has been counteracted by the backlash of apparent racism. Claudia Rankine’s “The Meaning of Serena Williams”, while specific to Serena’s career, discusses issues reflecting the struggle experienced by the black community, as it attempts to achieve the recognition of its excellence in the face of racist perpetrations. Imagine that you are undeniably the world’s greatest tennis…

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