Reading The Catsuit : Serena Williams And The Production Of Blackness At The 2002 U.s. Open

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I have decided to write a response paper to Jamie Schultz’s: “Reading the Catsuit: Serena Williams and the Production of Blackness at the 2002 U.S. Open.” I really enjoyed reading her journal and all the opinions regarding Serena William’s infamous catsuit. Although there are some negative opinions regarding Williams’ choice of outfit and the way she presents herself, but she has challenged the normative white identity in women’s tennis. She has pushed the boundaries not only in tennis, but also throughout women’s sports with her masculine physique and her extraordinary abilities on the tennis court. Serena Williams should be noticed more for her game and the achievements she has gotten throughout her career and not just because of her gender, ethnicity, or the way she chooses to present herself. Her hard-work should be recognized as a game changer in tennis and people should appreciate that.
As mentioned by Shultz on page 340, “Serena and Venus Williams have attracted more black spectators than any other black professional athlete.” This just shows that the Williams sisters has helped inspire the minorities to come and watch a predominantly “white” sport. With the increase of minority population watching tennis, this helped the USTA (United States Tennis Association) seem like that they have more diversity. In reality, there are only these two sisters used as figureheads by the tennis association because of their success and accomplishments, it is an act of tokenism. But…

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