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  • Go God Go Themes

    to make fun of the characters as well as some sort of characteristic. When audience members find something amusing in South Park it is because they are laughing at the expense of the characters. An example of this is shown during the very first scene of “Go God Go”. At the start of the episode, the audience sees Cartman impatiently pacing in front of a video game store, eagerly waiting for the release of the Nintendo Wii. Initially there is not too much humor in the scene until it is revealed that the video game console will not be coming out for another three weeks. Cartman’s impatience as well as his obsession with the Nintendo Wii is resulting in ridiculous behavior. Clearly, pacing in front of the store will do nothing to quicken the console’s release, but he does it anyway. The humor from the scene results from the creators making fun of Cartman’s fanaticism with the Nintendo Wii and the irrational behavior that occurs because of that fanaticism. As the episode progresses, Cartman continues to become more distraught from having to wait for the release of the Nintendo Wii. He paces in front of the video game store once again and he cannot even manage to fall asleep later that night. Unable to endure the wait any longer, Cartman begs his friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny to help him freeze himself. In this interaction Cartman is deadly serious and the boys are horrified because they know that Cartman’s plan would result in his death. Despite the boys’ warnings, Cartman is so…

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  • Nintendo Koppai: A Very Brief History Of Nintendo

    business was “Nintendo Koppai.” The company was very successful. However, in the 1950s, the company became concerned about the long term popularity of playing cards. They made a deal with the Walt Disney Company to use their characters on cards. It was successful, but eventually the business stalled. Today Nintendo is a five billion dollar company. The industry has come a long way since “Nintendo Koppai.” That change has had a large impact on our culture. In the early 1970s the company became…

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  • Pokemon Go

    is designed and implemented? 3 1.3. How did Nintendo brand get its fame? 4 2.1 Why did Pokémon Go get huge success? 6 3.1. Pokémon Go’s impact on Nintendo brand 7 4. Customer view on Pokémon Go: 9 5. Conclusion: 10 1.1 Introduction: 1.2. What Pokémon Go is? Pokémon GO is an amazing interactive and innovative idea in the world of game by Nintendo. It’s a gaming platform developed in July 6, 2016. This game uses phone set plus current location with activated GPRS on phone to allocate the…

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  • The History And Evolution Of The Video Game Industry

    Among its new features was a touch screen. The device sold well and Nintendo is still producing new models to this day. Then Sony’s handheld, the PlayStation Portable, was released on March 24, 2005. Sony manufactured other variations of the PlayStation Portable, and there new handheld the PS vita. The PlayStation 4 (or PS4) is a video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Announced as the successor to the PlayStation 3 during a press conference, it was launched on…

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  • The Video Game Industry

    Given the strength and diversity of the video game industry today, it is hard to believe that it almost failed completely in the United States. Thankfully, Japan and three of its major entertainment companies, Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony revived it. When it looked as if all hope was lost, Nintendo and SEGA entered the market and rescued the American video game industry. Their innovation and creativity transformed the industry and the impact is still felt today. Sony later entered the market and…

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  • The Transformation Of Nintendo 64 To The Playstation 4

    the most would be between the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 4 consoles. The Nintendo 64 was a stepping stone for modern day gaming such as the PlayStation 4. The Nintendo 64 controller was very unique at the time. The controller itself was shaped like an M with the middle part of the M being longer than the other two parts. The controller had a 4 foot wire attached to it along with a memory card holder on the controller in case people wanted to make their games saves there. Underneath the…

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  • Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Slot Review

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot review If stunning 3D graphics is something that you appreciate, the you will thoroughly enjoy the 2014 slot from BetSoft called ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. Do not confuse it with the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ slot from Microgaming, which is a completely different game. The slot is based on the slightly scary story by Robert Louis Stevenson published in 1886. Get ready to run around the streets of Victorian London discovering the eerie transformation of posh Dr. Jekyll into…

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  • Razer Diamondback Analysis

    Razer Diamondback Review The Razer Diamondback is one of the flagship mice of the well-known manufacturer. With its 16,000 DPI, a 5g laser sensor, great design (suitable for left-handed players) and top ergonomics, it is considered one of the best gaming mice produced by Razer. Review Razer Diamondback The increasingly innovative development of video games and the huge increase of fans all over the world have led the entire gaming industry to offer different and interesting products, and this…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay: The Effects Of Videogames

    The effects of videogames Imagine a future where you can enter a world where you are the main character and where you are the controller. Imagine if you could play a game by being directly inside of it, where you are the one moving the body not just watching through a screen and moving your fingers. It would be like an alternate world where you can enter at will. This is the direction videogames might be heading and even though it’s in a far future it still might happen, but as awesome at that…

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  • Nintendo DS Impact On Society

    Since its release in 2004, the Nintendo DS has sold 154.01 million units. Among the different iterations of the Nintendo DS, like the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS, the Nintendo DS is currently the best selling handheld console, and the second best selling video game console of all time. Yet despite its high sales figures, ten years after the release of the Nintendo DS to the wider mainstream market, little research has been done about the effects of the Nintendo DS’s technology on the…

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