Pokemon Go

1.1 Introduction: 3
1.2. What Pokémon Go is? 3
1.2.1. How Pokémon Go is designed and implemented? 3
1.3. How did Nintendo brand get its fame? 4
2.1 Why did Pokémon Go get huge success? 6
3.1. Pokémon Go’s impact on Nintendo brand 7
4. Customer view on Pokémon Go: 9
5. Conclusion: 10

1.1 Introduction:
1.2. What Pokémon Go is?
Pokémon GO is an amazing interactive and innovative idea in the world of game by Nintendo. It’s a gaming platform developed in July 6, 2016. This game uses phone set plus current location with activated GPRS on phone to allocate the Pokémon’s in someone’s location. Pokémon are hidden and one has sought them in order to capture them with a battle and then be their master. The diversity of Pokémon keeps
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The above-mentioned factors are actually the reasons behind the success of this game. The other factor could also be the launching time of the game. In most countries July is the vacation season, which means lots of people are free and ready for the adventure.
Graph 1
This graph shows that how Pokémon Go has nailed the market squarely. Its graph has risen up exponentially. Pokémon GO became the number 1 downloaded app in the UK at a lesser amount of the time of the day after its release. Its free content is partial, thus many users pay for game-related profit, which led the app to reach to the top of the app revenue charts.
3.1. Pokémon Go’s impact on Nintendo brand
Nintendo has showed the world that they can keep the beat with the flow of current technology. Although Nintendo didn’t directly develop the game but being a partner of Pokémon Company it has set its mark. Google spinoff Niantic Labs developed Pokémon Go in alliance with The Pokémon Company. Nintendo owns a portion of The Pokémon
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This shows how Pokémon Go has turned out to be the most amazing virtue of the company. No doubt the Pokémon Company with its partners has worked so hard. Switching from console based system to new technology with right decision and a good understanding of market requires huge scarifies, energy, hard work, devotion and motivation. The reason for huge success is adapting the company with the current flow of world and then re introducing the old classical Pokémon with new graphics and features and sense of innovation.
4. Customer view on Pokémon Go:
In just in a very short time, Pokémon Go has jam-packed and blew the gaming phenomenon. The users physically find the way through 3D breathing space to find and take into custody the virtual monsters hiding in the real world, as they capture their prey, players then gather bonus points given at “Pokéstops”, grooming and polishing their monsters pets for battle at “Pokégyms”. This game is best for everyone either who wants to play as singular or want to playing as doubles. People say that this game has brought the people together. And now new bondage of people has occurred. Fever of Pokémon is all in the air. Comment by user of the

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