High Middle Ages

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  • Essay On The High Middle Ages

    The High Middle Ages is known as a time of revival because of the massive changes that occurred in Medieval Europe after the attacks of the Vikings. It was a period of new awakenings and expansion. These advancements had sparked growth in education, and in the economy. This stability began to dismantle during the 14th century because of the Black Death. The transformation of Europe cultivated a new generation of learners that were eager for knowledge. During this era, Peter Abelard gained a name for himself with his innovative style of teaching which focused on logic. His teachings brought about emphasis on evidence when trying to solve both intellectual and practical problems. His students began to think critically, asking him for reasons behind the Trinity. In his autobiography, he describes a time when his students told him that, “words are useless if the intelligence could not follow them, that nothing could be believed unless it was…

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  • The Crusades And Imperialism In The High Middle Ages

    Throughout history, one can find examples of a nation trying to expand its borders and grow stronger, wealthier, and more influential, but during the High Middle Ages the Catholic Church takes on a mission to take back the Holy Land from Muslim Control. The Crusades are a special event that only occur during the High Middle Ages, and in no other era of history does one find the Catholic Church put together a military campaign to take control another land. While some historians look back upon the…

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  • Medieval Universities In The High Middle Ages

    Medieval Universities In the 13th and 14th centuries amidst the High Middle Ages, the political stability, positive economic conditions, and growth of cities which invigorated the growth and exchange of both goods and ideas lead to the emergence of the first medieval universities in Bologna and Salerno, Italy. The benefits of education resulting from the growth of universities encouraged the revival and growth of thought in the High Middle Ages. The Medieval university testifies to the…

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  • Early High Middle Ages Essay

    During the early High Middle Ages, Europe had experienced a substantial rise in temperature which, in turn, followed with a prolonged and exceptional growing season. Along with the increase in agriculture, population in Europe also increased which resulted in the growth of agricultural villages, towns, and cities. The growth and abundance of agriculture was due to the exceptional weather changes as well as technological advances and cooperation of the neighboring villagers. Emerging from the…

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  • Centralization And Centralization Of The High Middle Ages

    The High Middle Ages was a time period between the years 1000-1300 during which the European civilization that was formed in earlier years began to thrive. Multiple invasions and internal dissension during the Early Middle Ages put this civilization through strain, however the people recovered from this as time passed and began to regroup as the kings of the time enforced a need for central authority. With this centralization and time of peace many new advances in agriculture were made to…

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  • European High Middle Ages Essay

    European High Middle Ages The European High Middle Ages, lasted from about 1050 to 1300. This period evokes, for many individuals, sentimental, romantic images of knights in shining armor, elegant castles, and astonishing cathedrals. And to many people, the word medieval wrongly suggests, simply, an intermission between the classical period of the Greek and Roman civilizations and the Renaissance, something in which they do not find important to the evolution of history. On the contrary, the…

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  • Religion In The High Middle Ages Essay

    In the high middle ages, Europeans celebrated a number of victories. The increased lay religiousness created a widespread sense of scholasticism. New roads and bridges were being built in Europe to make trade easier. The expansion of the European economy in the 13th and 14th centuries lead to an increased prosperity--- shifting interest and focus on what was becoming a new middle, merchant class. This emphasis on a newly-powerful group of people, though, was a catch-22. The medieval papacy,…

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  • The Crusades In Medieval Europe And The High Middle Ages

    While there have been many events that have taken place in Medieval Europe such as the fall of the Rome Empire, one of the most famous events to have occurred in the High Middle Ages was one that would bring Western Europe and the Middle East together in a violent religious clash that would become known in Medieval History as the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of religious wars which spanned from 1095-1291, that were fought between the Christian armies of the Europe and the Muslim armies…

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  • The Seventeenth Century: The High Middle Ages

    Continuing, “The High Middle Ages” (1200-1400), the Gieses broke the era into two centuries; the 13th century was considered the “Golden Century, an era of affluence and growth” in contrast the 14th century of catastrophe and contraction (Gies 166). The 6th chapter is devoted to the High Middle Ages, the authors elaborate on the continuation of technological momentums that the Europeans experienced during this first century of this era. Another advancement that must be mentioned of is the…

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  • How Did Religion Affect The High Middle Ages

    The High Middle Ages were a very hard time to be around, wars constantly erupted over land and religious beliefs. Religion seemed to be the center of conflict with Christianity being the midst of the controversy. Christianity changed drastically during the High Middle Ages through different reforms that had a positive impact on ordinary people, such as when Pope Gregory VII made it possible for the church to manage itself without an outside source; for example a government making decisions for…

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