High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

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    The rapid acquisition program established to procure the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle was a success story that significantly differed from normal procurement programs. For limited time-sensitive requirements, this acquisition method is effective but, should not be adopted for traditional Department of Defense (DOD) Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs). The amount of senior leader involvement and risk acceptance required for the MRAP program would not be suitable or sustainable for traditional strategically focused MDAPs. To understand how unique the MRAP procurement was, it is necessary to provide a brief overview of the circumstances that led to the hasty establishment of the MRAP program. Prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom…

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    Virtual Army Experience serves as a recruitment tool and has the players willingly giving up contact information so they are contacted by the recruiters (De Avila, 2008). As a result of video game the military is producing soldiers, who are more skilled in advanced warfare. If you travel to La Jolla, California and visit Scripps Memorial Hospital Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, you will find a Nintendo Wii video console set up with the Wii Sports video set up and ready to play.…

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    Both gunners continue to swivel in the turrets. The streets were filled with pedestrians walking on the sidewalks and weaving between vehicles in the traffic jam. There were many vendors attempting to sell trinkets, clothing, and food. One minute passed, then another. We radio to the base station to give a quick situation report (SITREP). After what seemed to be 15 minutes and a total movement of 20 feet, the strangest occurrence happened. An albino, Iraqi boy, roughly nine-years-old,…

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