High voltage

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  • Electric Vehicle Research Paper

    Wires should not be connected to the vehicle chassis or body and used proper sealed component which prevent it from any contamination. High voltage wires should not be positioned with in the body pillars, roof or any outer sills and must not incorporate sharp bends. The electrical wiring within an electric vehicle which carries high voltage or current should be orange color, the conduct must be orange color. The electrical vehicle should have over-current protection system which are mounted closely to both the poles of the power source. The system must be able to protect electric wiring and components if overload capacity between 20%-40%. External charging circuits The charging system of an electric vehicle which has an external power source that should be installed an interlock which immobilises when the charging cable is connected. The external power source must be installed with appropriate charger specification cable and plugs. If the external power…

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  • Lightning Case Study 5.1

    current of 100 kA When lightning strikes on the shielding conductors the current induces a voltage on the phase conductors. Here we are generating a case of induced voltage on the line. The induced voltage then should be mitigated by shielding. Here we see a voltage of 155 kV has been induced due to the lightning strike on the phase line. Such induced voltages cause the sensitive…

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  • Obedience According To Dr. Stanley Milgram's Study

    teacher and researcher went into the room next door that contained the electric shock generator box. The generator has a row of switches marked from 15 volts (Slight Shock) to 375 volts (Danger: Severe Shock) to 450 volts. The teacher (subject) would read the list of words and then test the learner’s (confederate) memory. The experimenter would administer an electric shock each time the learner (confederate) responded incorrectly. The subjects (teachers) were unaware that shocks were not…

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  • What Are The Five Major Advantages Associated With High Voltage Direct Current?

    a. Describe 5 major advantages associated with High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) distribution systems when considered alongside alternative solutions. [5 marks] i) HVDC have lower losses when compared to the equivalent AC cable distribution. The DC power transmission lines run at losses of approximately 0.3-0.4% per 100km. Converter stations also need to be considered which have losses of around 0.6%. Overall HVDC transmission losses are nearly always lower than AC transmission. ii) HVDC…

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  • Analysis Of Using Maximum Power And Norton's Theorem

    But in Norton’s Theorem the equivalent circuit has a current source and a resistance in parallel with the load resistance (R_X). Continued on next page: HOW IS IT USED When using Norton’s Theorem the load resistance is removed and replaced with a short (wire) and points labeled A and B. The reason to label the points A and B is to show where the meter would measure the unknown voltage and current associated with the load resistance. Next the load resistor is placed into the Norton’s…

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  • Power Outage Case Study

    two main forms but sometimes only one type is prepared for but both have their issues that they can cause that can result in loss of data, loss of productivity, and even loss of hardware depending on the situation. Furthermore while solutions exist for all power outage issues them very in price and some like having generators require those planning out the system to be aware of everything that will need to be connected so as to avoid causing new problems that result in loss to the network. Along…

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  • What Is Fault Tolerant Computing?

    system reliability, resources left for energy management schemes are somewhat reduced [3]. A. Energy Awareness Since processors consume considerable energy in most systems, many techniques have been proposed to decrease energy consumption for them. For CMOS based processors, the power consumption is dominated by dynamic power dissipation, which is quadratically related to supply voltage and linearly related to processing frequency [4]. Besides, the processing frequency also has an almost…

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  • Becoming An Electrician

    First, a high voltage electricians do many things such as inspecting, testing, analyzing, repairing, and calibrating primary transformers. Some of the qualifications for the job is to have background experience and education & training clearly stated on your application (Maxwell 98). Next, what a lighting technicians wire up any kind of shows such as game shows and studio sets that are indoors or outdoors. They plan what lights and effects go into the show and where they go. They also sit on the…

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  • Sue Shellenbarger's 'Diary Of A Mad Blender'

    They said that they don’t care if their parents are working they care on how it affects their parents, emotionally and physically. They care that their parents aren’t getting as much sleep or that they are super stressed at work and at home. They care for their parents safety. That they will get to work and get back from work safely. (Daniels 27.) I worry for my father who has to work almost every day in flash resistant clothing because he works near high voltage electricity ranging from sixty…

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  • Personal Narrative: Baseball

    Baseball Baseball has always been one of my favorite sports, and it will always be the longest sport I’ve played. A total of 9 years in Khoury league and 2 years in high school, so all in all I have been playing this sport almost all my life. I started baseball with the Red Bud T-ball team, the team had a count of 15 people including me and excluding the coaches. Those 15 kids playing on that team became some of my bestest friends and greatest teammates to have. Most of them ended up being…

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