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  • High Tech High Film Analysis

    In the existence of High Tech High and its apparent triumph of redefining student success and achieving it wholeheartedly through the film’s focus on Samantha and Brian, presents a positive portrayal of the potential benefits of such a unique curriculum for competency of “soft skills” rather than rote memorization of content knowledge. This is significant as it implies a direction for K-12 education to reform its focus from that of the educational purpose of social mobility to instead the educational purpose of social efficiency. This is heavily indicated with the almost apocalyptic depiction of artificial intelligence evolving from the standard image of automation of manufacturing to that of human geniuses like Russian chess player Gary Kasparov…

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  • Benefits Of High-Tech Classroom

    High-Tech Classroom Even though most schools are going to online teaching is it really helping? Is it really increasing and helping students learn like teachers thought it would? Most schools that have gone to a high- tech classroom base their teachings on one concept.The questions parents need to ask themselves is, with this concept are the students really learning, are their test scores really increasing? But lastly are schools even necessary, should students even have to come to school even…

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  • High Tech Reachers Case Study

    people to access items that are just out of grasp, whether it be above or below. This group of devices has low-tech options that accommodate a simple lack of range of motion such as arthritis and high-tech options that assist those with little to no motion such as a spinal cord injury (SCI). There are several types to choose from and they depend on the functionality of the individual and the affordability. Occupational therapy (OT) can help people incorporate any of these devices, from simple to…

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  • Apple Company Code Of Conduct

    Introduction Apple Inc. is known as the largest tech giant world over for its best quality products like iPhone, iPad, watch, Mac computer and smart TV, etc. Besides 115,000 employees in the US, its suppliers employ more than 1.6 million people in 20 countries. Apple has a set code of conduct to be followed by all its employees as well as suppliers. It helps to keep a balance in the decent workplace to avoid any discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, age, nationality, sex,…

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  • Deutsch Seniors New High Tech Tricks By Jennifer Ludden Analysis

    For example, we read a story called Tutors Teach Seniors New High Tech Tricks by Jennifer Ludden. In this story, it explains how teens are helping seniors learn how to use electronic devices. In paragraph 15, the author states, “... has students do things like tape two fingers together to simulate the effects of arthritis…” It helped us learn and feel what it is like to be their age and face their challenges.In the second story called Mother To Son by Langston Hughes. It explains how life gets…

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  • Argumentative Essay On School Shootings

    all Texas Universities as of June 2015. There have been several school shootings that have taken place all around the United States. The two that stand out the most according to the news are Virginia Tech and Lonestar College. The headlines in 2013 were 3 wounded and 2 detained. This was regarding the shooting that took place at Lonestar College in Houston, Texas on January 22, 2103. “The Houston shooting comes roughly a month after the deadly shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary…

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  • Emergency Management Case Study

    The police agencies and security officials of the university did not believe that a lockdown of the university was even possible because of its size. There were no cameras in dormitory areas, leaving the identity of Cho unknown until found at the scene. The VTPD and BPD were trained and practiced active shooter scenarios. In my opinion the campus emergency planning as a whole was not ready even if the police departments were. It is a collaborative effort and the university staff was not prepared…

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  • Arguments Against Campus Carry

    effected is because they believe their safety is threatened leaving a hostile learning environment on campus . One notable faculty member ( President Ricardo Romo) has stated his similar viewpoint. He said that “Campus carry is a distraction from our mission of providing excellence to our students and our community.” So, I believe that the campus carry law will have negative effects on the learning environment on schools in Texas like the University of Texas at San Antonio. Senate Bill 11…

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  • School Shootings: Roots In Interpersonal Communication

    Many school shootings have roots in interpersonal communication. For example, the Umpqua Community College shooting involved an encounter between a teacher and a student (who ended up being the gunman). The shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre had issues communicating with other people, and his teachers were not aware of this, causing the problem to develop further. The way that the teachers and students communicated with each other played a large role in both shootings, so it is important to…

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  • Group Project Observation Report

    partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Historical Society. The partnership between the University of Minnesota and the MHS seeks to involve students in studying the challenges that their community has. In addition, partnerships with university can revive museum exhibits with the enthusiasm of young researchers from diverse backgrounds. In fact, they can bring new audiences an exciting flow of new innovations and discoveries, especially, with science museums. Also,…

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