The Crusades And Imperialism In The Middle Ages

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Throughout history, one can find examples of a nation trying to expand its borders and grow stronger, wealthier, and more influential, but during the High Middle Ages the Catholic Church takes on a mission to take back the Holy Land from Muslim Control. The Crusades are a special event that only occur during the High Middle Ages, and in no other era of history does one find the Catholic Church put together a military campaign to take control another land. While some historians look back upon the Crusades as a purely religious expedition, others consider them to be the conquest of new lands in order to grow in power and wealth. Imperialism within the Middle Ages can be seen as both similar to other ages in history and different because the reasoning behind the Crusades appears to …show more content…
One key feature that distinguishes Imperialism in the medieval period from the rest of history is the reasoning behind the Crusades. The Crusades are still a point of discussion even today, and especially in the motive behind why they were called for. As stated before, some say that the Crusades had a just religious reason, while other claim that the Catholic Church used the Crusades as an excuse for military conquest. Pope Urban II, who called for the first Crusade, gathered many French and German nobles together to speak to them about the reasoning behind the Crusades. After explaining to them the dire situations and the torture that many Christians faced in the Holy Land, he states, “This royal city is now help captive by her enemies, and make pagan by those who know not God. She asks and longs to be liberated and does not cease to beg you to come to her aid. She asks aid especially from you because, as I have said, God has given more of the military spirit to you than to other nations. Set out on this journey and you will obtain the remission of

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